Trending Colors for 2023

If your mindset going into 2023 is “new year, new paint color,” then this article is for you. People are continuing to embrace a variety of beautiful colors when they paint their homes and we have broken them down into four general categories (though, as you’ll see, sometimes the vibrancy will vary): green, blue, pink and red. Check out a few great uses of these trending colors – maybe you will feel inspired to pick up a paintbrush, too!

By far, the biggest trend we’ve seen in green is for sage green, a lovely lighter hue that brings in relaxing vibes (we can all use more of those) and recalls the beauty of nature.

Pictured L-R:

Mitzi Ariel, Troy Aubrey

Mitzi Astrid, Kichler Edmar

ET2 iCorona, Kichler Marika

Hudson Valley Colton, Mitzi Alyssa

In addition to sage green, darker greens (like apple green and emerald green) are also popular.

Pictured L-R:

Hinkley Aros, Mitzi Ellis

Hudson Valley Merrick, Kichler Abbotswell

Much like with green, different shades of blue are stepping out in the world of home decor. From pastels to navy, blue offers a great degree of versatility and also brings in calming, nature-like vibes.

Pictured L-R:

Savoy House Colonade, Hinkley Archer, Crystorama Sylvan

Hinkley Argo, Hinkley Carter, Crystorama Truax

Mitzi Aira, Mitzi Alyssa, Mitzi Asime

Hinkley Vance, Hinkley Vail, Hudson Valley Sphere No. 3

Hudson Valley Thurston, Hudson Valley Traverse, Hudson Valley Werner

While “millennial pink” retains its popularity, we’re also seeing dustier pinks (closer to mauve) take the spotlight.

Pictured L-R:

Crystorama Calypso, Maxim Vesper, Mitzi Ashleigh

Hudson Valley Brasher, Hudson Valley Elmont, Hudson Valley Fleming

Mitzi Hope, Mitzi Mia, Kichler Ridley II

Mitzi Paige, Mitzi Paige, Mitzi Piper

Mitzi Riley, Mitzi Tabitha

Like with dusty pinks, we’re seeing more and more rusty red hues, too.

Pictured L-R:

Crystorama Luxo, Crystorama Jayna

Mitzi Phoebe, Hinkley Ziggy

Are you feeling inspired now? We’d love to see your spaces decked out in 2023’s trending colors! Tag us on Instagram and we might just share it, too!

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