The New Crystal Lighting: It’s Not Your Grandma’s Crystal

For centuries, sparkling crystal chandeliers have adorned the residences of the aristocracy and royalty. In that regard, not much has changed over hundreds of years, because crystal is still seen as a sign of opulence and wealth. What’s changed is the affordability and availability of more modern styles.

While the classic look of ornate crystal chandeliers remains enduringly popular, what keeps it from looking like an old family heirloom is the fresh embellishments that designers are adding today.

The New Crystal Lighting: It's Not Your Grandma's Crystal - LightsOnline Blog

For example:

  • Pairing crystal with natural elements offers relaxed rustic chic.
  • Chandelier arms in a polished chrome finish gives a modern flair.
  • Metal cages bring on a touch of contemporary edginess.
  • Using a mix of crystals in different colors makes for a custom vibe.

There have also been some updates to the shapes of crystal. Lighting designers are now using glass rods and chunks of crystal to lend a more rugged, masculine vibe. This pared-down look complements a wider variety of décor schemes and makes it very easy to add a chandelier to contemporary living rooms, home offices, great rooms, bedrooms, and even primary baths.

The New Crystal Lighting: It's Not Your Grandma's Crystal - LightsOnline Blog

Then there are the oversized, heavily dressed traditional crystal chandeliers that have been favorited by the cast members of Bravo TV’s Real Housewives series as well as embraced by young celebrities such as the Kardashians and Jenners. In these examples, crystal chandeliers continue to serve as status symbols, indicative of a lavish lifestyle.

The New Crystal Lighting: It's Not Your Grandma's Crystal - LightsOnline Blog

There is yet another influence in the resurgence of classic crystal chandeliers: the popularity of shows such as Downton Abbey, The Crown, and Bridgerton, which are all set in eras typified by the use of those traditional styles. Younger viewers, who might not be familiar with the Dynasty, Dallas, and Falcon Crest aesthetic, are seeing classic crystal chandeliers through fresh eyes and want to recreate that same feel of luxury in their own homes. is your source for achieving an opulent crystal lighting look in a variety of styles and at every price point!

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