Chrome Finishes Are Hot in 2024

From the shiny silvery furniture of the 1930s to a mainstay of midcentury modern style and a touchstone of the Y2K era, chrome is one of those enduring finishes that everyone can relate to in some way.

Deeply embedded in the history of American furnishings, the love for chrome finishes has ebbed and flowed over the last century – but has never gone away entirely. According to many prominent interior designers and trend-watchers, the rubbed and worn finishes that epitomize the ubiquitous Farmhouse trend are fading in popularity and the use of chrome is once again on the upswing.

Chrome Finishes Are Hot in 2024 - Lights Online Blog

Why? It doesn’t have to do with nostalgia, but instead centers on how well chrome complements and modernizes other trends in home décor, such as wood and other organic materials.

When paired with natural surfaces – on cabinets, tables, mirror frames, or accent furniture – chrome can bring a fresh look to a room without making it seem too modern or hard-edged. Best of all, given its longevity in design, chrome has already proven to be timeless, so it won’t go out of style anytime soon.

In fact, the trend for shiny silvery finishes like chrome, aluminum, and stainless steel also extends into today’s jewelry and fashion trends, as seen on the red carpets of every major awards show.

Chrome Finishes Are Hot in 2024 - Lights Online Blog

If you have traditional décor, moderation is key. Adding a pendant, a semi-flush ceiling light, a mirror, or decorative accessories in a chrome finish updates any room without breaking the bank.

If your décor is more transitional or modern, you can opt for bigger splashes of chrome with larger lighting fixtures that can serve as statement pieces or focal points to reinforce a fresh, modern look. has a variety of lighting fixtures, mirrors, and accessories in a chrome finish that can quickly update the look of your home while helping you staying on budget!

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