The Best Bath Lighting Remodeling Ideas

In this fast-paced time, when people are feeling more stressed and anxious than ever, it’s easy to see why the 2023 Design Trend research report from the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) says that homeowners want to transform their baths into an oasis-like retreat for both body and mind.

The 2023 Design Trend report noted that upscale looks are in demand for plumbing fixtures, with elegantly sculptured sinks crafted from vitreous china, porcelain, and ceramic ranking high on the list. Heated floors and quartz countertops are also in demand, along with luxury upgrades like two-person showers, body sprays, steam features, music and chromotherapy.

The Best Bath Lighting Remodeling Ideas - Lights Online Blog

While these elements create a spa feeling, good bath lighting is essentials because it elevates the ambiance and provides supreme functionality. There are two important spots in the bath for good lighting: at the sink and in the shower. Both locations involve grooming and self-care tasks where proper illumination is key.

For the shower, your only option is to add wet-location recessed lights that are specifically made for this space. At the sink, you have many more options, like vertical lights that flank the mirror or replacement mirrors with built-in LED lighting. No matter what method you choose, your goal is to have light hitting both sides of your face, which makes tasks such as shaving and applying makeup easier.

The Best Bath Lighting Remodeling Ideas - Lights Online Blog

Designers report that the most popular bath hardware finishes are black, pewter, nickel and stainless. Each of those finishes can appear in brushed or matte variants for added textural intrigue. Finding bathroom lights that complement these finishes is very easy.

The leafy greens and blue water tones common in spa style bathrooms pair nicely with natural elements like bamboo, jute and wood – elements that can often be found in lighting fixtures!

The Best Bath Lighting Remodeling Ideas - Lights Online Blog

Buying new plumbing hardware and changing flooring or shower configurations is a costly expense. But don’t worry, your spa bathroom dreams don’t have to end just because you can’t afford a huge overhaul! Replacing bath lighting is a budget-friendly renovation that will provide immediate visual impact and functionality. has a wide variety of bath lighting to meet any budget and style.

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