3 Ways to Display Your Collection with Lights That Goes Above and Beyond

If there’s one thing collectors love to do, it’s show off their prized possessions. From coins and antiques to trading cards and quilts, there’s no shortage of items people love to put on display. However, choosing the perfect light for these collectibles rarely feels like an easy task.

When lighting collectibles, you want the lighting to show detail without washing out other parts of your collection. You also don’t want the lights to dominate the space. The goal is to strike a balance between your collection and the lights.

If you’ve been searching for a better way to light up the collection you love, here are a few quick tips to make it happen.

The Hidden Under Cabinet Solution

3 Ways to Display Your Collection with Lights That Goes Above and Beyond - LightsOnline Blog

Under cabinet lights are a common solution for lighting collections that are stored in cabinets or on shelves. They’re usually long, narrow fixtures that can be attached directly onto these surfaces to light items from above. You can also find round under cabinet fixtures that are great for smaller spaces or for putting a spotlight on specific items.

The great thing about under cabinet fixtures is they are easily concealed. When positioned just right, they seem to disappear, so you can keep the focus on your collection.

The Versatility of Picture Lights

3 Ways to Display Your Collection with Lights That Goes Above and Beyond - LightsOnline Blog

Your favorite paintings, pictures and posters deserve a special spot in your home, and they get just that with a dedicated picture light fixture. These fixtures are made to be installed above frames. However, they also work great for shadowboxes and above shelves, too!

Picture lights are typically long and narrow, similar to under cabinet lights, but the primary difference is that picture lights are out there for everyone to see. Because of this, picture lights come in a number of different styles and finishes, from sleek modern designs with a black finish to more traditional looks in burnished brass.

Picture lights are also highly versatile. Some are designed to be angled or positioned for more control over how the light hits an item in your collection. Many picture lights are also rated for use in humid environments, which is ideal for keeping them looking brand new. If you already love the effect of picture lights, you can even use them as a bathroom vanity light. They offer a great touch if conventional bathroom vanity lights aren’t your style.

Adjustable Wall Lighting For All Kinds of Collectibles

3 Ways to Display Your Collection with Lights That Goes Above and Beyond - LightsOnline Blog

Want a way to light your collection that blends in with the rest of your home’s lighting? Adjustable wall sconces give you that option. Adjustable wall sconces share some similarities with picture lights, but instead of a narrow bar of light, you get a more traditional lamp configuration. Plus, they are made to be swiveled and angled in different directions while remaining fixed to the wall.

Savoy House Lighting is a great brand to browse for adjustable wall sconces that are perfect for lighting your collection. They’re ideal along walls, above side tables, or between paintings, pictures and posters.

With many different options for lighting collectibles, you’re sure to find what suits you and your collection best!

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