How Installing a Kitchen Ceiling Fan Can Be a Holiday Lifesaver

Does a ceiling fan belong in the kitchen? If you love to bake, cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, this question may have crossed your mind. When you’re baking and making meals, especially around the holidays, the kitchen becomes warm, stuffy and uncomfortable.

This is where a ceiling fan can transform your holiday experience. Ceiling fans are designed to circulate air. They don’t warm or cool the air itself – they simply create more airflow. In a hot kitchen, airflow is essential, and it becomes even more important during the holidays.

Right now, before the holiday season gets into full swing, is the perfect time to install a kitchen ceiling fan. If you know your family will be spending more time in the kitchen this fall and winter, a ceiling fan provides a more comfortable experience.

Here are three reasons to start exploring ceiling fans for sale and find the ideal fixture for one of the busiest rooms in your home.

Ceiling Fans Give Cooks Crucial Air Circulation

How Installing a Kitchen Ceiling Fan Can Be a Holiday Lifesaver - LightsOnline Blog

During the holiday season, it gets uncomfortable in the kitchen. With the stove and oven running for extended periods of time, it doesn’t take long until you’re sweating. A ceiling fan gives the room some much-needed air circulation when you need it most!

You might be wondering, “Is my kitchen the right size for a ceiling fan?” If you have a smaller kitchen or a unique layout, that doesn’t mean a ceiling fan is off the table. There are many ceiling fans available in smaller sizes, including options that are just 30 inches in diameter.

Minka Aire fans, for instance, range between 36 inches and 84 inches in diameter, with dozens of options in between. You can even find select models available in both smaller and larger sizes. If you have the space in your kitchen to make it happen, a fan is a worthwhile investment.

A More Comfortable Cooking Experience

How Installing a Kitchen Ceiling Fan Can Be a Holiday Lifesaver - LightsOnline Blog

Holiday cooking fills your home with delightful aromas of herbs, spices and sweets. However, as any home cook knows, things can get overwhelming. Sometimes cooking means working with strong odors like onion or garlic, and if things don’t go according to plan, it can even mean dealing with smoke!

A ceiling fan helps with odors and smoke, too. As air is pushed out of the kitchen, odors and smoke go with it. Open a window or door, turn on the ceiling fan and let it get to work. It won’t take long to circulate the air so you can get back to cooking.

Potential Energy Savings

How Installing a Kitchen Ceiling Fan Can Be a Holiday Lifesaver - LightsOnline Blog

When it gets uncomfortable in the kitchen during the holiday season, it’s tempting to turn on the A/C to even things out. But all you need is a little air circulation to help things feel more inviting. Turning on the A/C during the fall can affect your energy bill and, depending on your HVAC system, you could end up cooling down more of your home than you intended.

Ceilings fans circulate air in smaller spaces. On top of that, they also cost less to run than A/C. You circulate air where you need it most without impacting the rest of the home. You get more control over the airflow and your power bill while also enjoying a comfortable kitchen where everyone comes together for food and fun.

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