What’s the Right Height to Hang a Lighting Fixture?

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Savoy House Marquise chandelier - What’s the Right Height to Hang a Lighting Fixture? - Lights Online Blog

Nowadays, a lot of the decorating rules we grew up with have been tossed aside in favor of design freedom and the feeling that anything goes. When it comes to hanging lighting fixtures, however, some recommendations shouldn’t be ignored. Most homes built 30 or more years ago, especially in older cities and neighborhoods, have...

Why You Should Change the Color Temperature of Your Lighting

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When we hear the word “temperature,” most people immediately think of our sense of touch and how something feels — warm, hot, or cold. Lighting, however, is different. “Color temperature” in lighting describes how the light “looks” and subsequently affects us on a psychological level. Light bulb manufacturer Bulbrite defines color temperature as a...

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