3 Common Lighting Issues and How to Solve Them

Every room’s lighting plays a major role in your home’s overall character. More importantly, it plays a critical role in how you feel when you spend time in the room. The right lighting makes a room feel special, while the wrong lighting can leave the room feeling unbalanced. Issues range from a lack of practical light in the bathroom to the lighting style simply feeling out of place.

However, a few straightforward lighting tweaks and access to a reliable online source of fixtures and ceiling fans for sale makes all the difference. Here’s how you can easily solve these three common lighting problems.

The Space Is Too Bright

3 Common Lighting Issues and How to Solve Them - LightsOnline Blog

Sometimes a room or space’s lighting issue is obvious. For instance, a room that’s too bright is uncomfortable, potentially even contributing to headaches or eye soreness. Culprits responsible for excessive brightness include fixtures that are too large for the space and too many recessed lights.

The trick for dealing with an over-large fixture is finding the right replacement from one of your favorite online lighting stores. Replacing light fixtures is less complicated than you might think. To cut down on an excess of recessed lighting, consider either putting them on a dimmer or on separate switches to turn them on and off in sections.

The Space Is Too Dim

3 Common Lighting Issues and How to Solve Them - LightsOnline Blog

Brightening up a dim room is as easy as switching bulbs. Increasing the lumens of the bulbs can prove an efficient and simple solution. Of course, if the issue is a central fixture that’s insufficient for the space, find a bigger one that meets your lighting needs for that room. Putting mirrors near light sources is another fix, especially if you choose a mirror with built-in LED lighting. You can also try installing tasteful wall sconces and strategically placing lamps throughout larger rooms to provide more light throughout.

For rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, you might need more specific lighting solutions. For example, under-cabinet kitchen lights are essential for eliminating shadowy countertops. In addition to a robust overhead light source, every bathroom should include a bathroom vanity light fixture or sconces on either side of the mirror.

The Lighting Just Feels Out of Place

3 Common Lighting Issues and How to Solve Them - LightsOnline Blog

What if you can’t quite identify the lighting issue, but something just feels out of place? Firstly, be sure that the room’s lighting is not set up directly in your line of sight, creating glare. If the light contributes to glare, replace it with a fixture or light source that provides better filtering that’s easier on your eyes.

You can also consider whether the lighting in a room makes it feel cold or clinical. Your home should not make you feel like you’re in a hospital, grocery store or laboratory. In addition to switching from bright white bulbs to warmer options, a room’s light should be layered. In other words, comfortable light comes from a combination of downlights, ambient light sources, track lighting and so on.

Sometimes, even additions that aren’t light fixtures help. When creating a comfortable space that meets your needs and you enjoy spending time in, consider the overall design, apart from the lighting. You might adopt a new design style, whether its industrial or midcentury modern, or add a new ceiling fan to optimize airflow. After all, when the atmosphere is light, the room is bright.

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