4 Lighting Styles and What They Say About You

Browse any lighting store, online or in person, and you’ll find many different styles to choose from – midcentury modern, industrial, rustic, modern farmhouse and many more. So many more, in fact, that it’s remarkably easy to find the perfect style to bring any room together!

The style you choose says a lot about you, too: about your design preferences and about the vibe you’re trying to create in your room or your entire home. While there are a lot of great styles out there, let’s look at four different trends that are popular today. What do these four lighting styles say about you?

Industrial is No-Nonsense Innovation

4 Lighting Styles and What They Say About You - LightsOnline Blog

Industrial lighting is all about exposed metals or metals with darker finishes. Of course, like any lighting style, you’ll find a lot of variety here. Industrial designs are evocative of exposed pipes and ducts. Industrial has an almost unfinished quality, even though it is indeed finished. It’s a style that comes together with deliberate and innovative design.

When you install industrial-style light fixtures, it says that you’re no-nonsense, but you appreciate well-crafted hardware and bold design.

Midcentury Modern Makes for Simple Sophistication

4 Lighting Styles and What They Say About You - LightsOnline Blog

Midcentury modern lighting brings out the best from the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s. It’s defined by elegance and grace – the very idea of simple sophistication. Familiar geometric shapes, like spheres, squares and cubes, also figure prominently in midcentury modern style. Again, there’s a lot of variation in midcentury modern design, but it’s one of those styles that stands out when you see it.

Installing midcentury modern lighting says you appreciate attention to detail. You like to keep things neat and polished, from the pendant lighting above your kitchen counters to the bathroom vanity light above your bathroom mirror.

Rustic Creates Connections to the Natural World

4 Lighting Styles and What They Say About You - LightsOnline Blog

Rustic designs offer a distinct departure from many other trends. It’s a style that captures the look of the natural world. You’ll find a lot of natural materials put front and center, including wood and exposed metals. You’ll also find a lot of darker or richer colors like different shades of black, brown, bronze and brass.

Putting rustic lighting in your home says you love the beauty of the natural world. Whether you live in the city or you have a cabin in the woods, rustic fixtures bring you closer to nature. They create a connection to the source, a connection you don’t take for granted.

Schoolhouse Breathes New Life Into Vintage

4 Lighting Styles and What They Say About You - LightsOnline Blog

Schoolhouse lighting shares some common elements with midcentury modern. Brands like Savoy House Lighting bring this classic style into the 21st century by taking vintage design elements and giving them a new twist. Schoolhouse fixtures are inspired by antique designs you’d find in an early 20th-century schoolhouse, bank or shop. Designs are often brought together with clear or white glass. The metal fixtures are usually bronze or silver.

Schoolhouse is a look that says you appreciate an old-school design. You love the charm of the early 20th century and you want to stay in touch with your roots from back then.

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