4 Ways to Find the Perfect Light Fixture at LightsOnline

There’s nothing quite like that first time flipping on the light switch after installing a new light fixture. When those bulbs glow and your brand-new fixture lights up the room, it’s incredibly satisfying. It’s your reward for a job well done. If you’ve shopped for light fixtures in the past, you know the process comes with its challenges. The first challenge, of course, is finding the perfect light fixtures for your home.

Well, that used to be a challenge. And then LightsOnline turned that on its head. This online-only lighting shop offers a massive catalog of light fixtures, ceiling fans and related hardware. They’ve made it a priority to help you find the perfect fixtures for your home, no matter what style you have in mind. Here’s how LightsOnline makes finding those fixtures so easy.

Search by Style and Trend

Do you know what kind of lighting trend you want to showcase in your home? Whether you’re looking for midcentury modern or French country, LightsOnline categorizes every fixture to help you find the style you’re most interested in. All you have to do is click “Trends” at the top of the LightsOnline homepage and start shopping!

Search by Lighting Type

Your new bathroom vanity light is only a click away with LightsOnline. So is that new chandelier for the dining room or new fixtures for your patio space. As easy as it is to search by trend, it’s even easier to search by lighting type or room. LightsOnline has everything laid out so you can jump straight to the lighting type you want. For example, navigate to LightsOnline’s collection of bath lights and you’ll find all kinds of fixtures perfectly suited for the bathroom.

Search by Collection

Is there a name in the lighting industry you know and trust? You’ll find it on LightsOnline. They offer fixtures from many well-established names like Savoy House Lighting, Hunter, the Minka Group and many more. When you click “Brands” on the LightsOnline homepage, you’re treated to the complete list of their offerings. It’s comprehensive, just like their selection of light fixtures and ceiling fans.

Search by What’s on Sale

Perhaps you’re working within a budget. Searching for the right fixtures on a budget is another challenging aspect of your home renovation project. It seems like everywhere you turn, you have to compromise. With LightsOnline, compromise is thrown out the window. When you search for lighting fixtures and ceiling fans for sale, you can search by price, style, finish, collection and more. If you have a specific price range in mind, simply plug it in and LightsOnline will instantly show you what they have in that range.

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