Revitalize Your Home: Creative Strategies to Refresh Your Space

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Woman restoring furniture - image from Freepik

Transform your home into a sanctuary of style and comfort with these innovative and practical tips. From optimizing lighting to embracing biophilic design, these strategies will help you create a more inviting and functional living environment. Dive in and discover how small changes can make a big impact on your home. Illuminate with Intent:...

What’s the Right Height to Hang a Lighting Fixture?

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Savoy House Marquise chandelier - What’s the Right Height to Hang a Lighting Fixture? - Lights Online Blog

Nowadays, a lot of the decorating rules we grew up with have been tossed aside in favor of design freedom and the feeling that anything goes. When it comes to hanging lighting fixtures, however, some recommendations shouldn’t be ignored. Most homes built 30 or more years ago, especially in older cities and neighborhoods, have...

The New Crystal Lighting: It’s Not Your Grandma’s Crystal

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For centuries, sparkling crystal chandeliers have adorned the residences of the aristocracy and royalty. In that regard, not much has changed over hundreds of years, because crystal is still seen as a sign of opulence and wealth. What’s changed is the affordability and availability of more modern styles. While the classic look of ornate...

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