Savoy House Essentials: Decorate with Confidence

Matching outfits are cute on Instagram, but too much of the same makes your home look boring.

If you didn’t inherit a “design” gene and have relied on buying different versions of the same style for every room in your home, help is here. Savoy House Essentials is a carefully curated selection of lighting fixtures that will make your next décor update look like you had professional guidance without the cost of hiring an interior designer.

Savoy House Essentials: Decorate with Confidence - LightsOnline Blog
Both lights pictured above come from the Octave collection, which is part of Savoy House Essentials.

Savoy House Essentials takes the guesswork out of wondering whether certain finishes, colors, or lighting styles go together. Savoy House’s design team has expertly edited the selection in every category – from flush mounts, sconces, and pendants to kitchen and bath fixtures.

Furthermore, Savoy House Essentials offers plenty of options for your decorating style, whether you prefer a Traditional, Transitional, or Contemporary aesthetic or desire a more specific design sensibility such as Farmhouse, Glam, Modern/Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, Vintage, Scandinavian, or Bohemian.

Savoy House Essentials: Decorate with Confidence - LightsOnline Blog
The Galea collection, also part of Essentials, is a perfect example of midcentury modern style.

The styles in each product and style category in Savoy House Essentials complement each other without looking matchy-matchy. Instead, they coordinate subtly for a cohesive design statement that looks more personalized and individually selected than a builder’s one-product-fits-all approach.

Best of all, the styles and finishes in Savoy House Essentials are timeless, with clean lines and versatile finishes that will look fresh and relevant for years to come.

Savoy House Essentials: Decorate with Confidence - LightsOnline Blog

Shop the Savoy House Essentials collection now and decorate your home with confidence!

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