The Benefits of Using Natural Materials at Home

Saving the environment has become a top priority these days on a governmental level as well as personally. Selecting natural materials for your home décor is one way you can contribute toward that global effort while also receiving health benefits and feel-good vibes.

Choosing lighting made with natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, jute, and cotton is great for your indoor environment. Unlike plastics and other synthetics, natural materials aren’t made via chemical processes, so they have no off-gassing of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

The Benefits of Using Natural Materials at Home - LightsOnline Blog

On a global level, many natural materials are sustainable because they grow and regrow quickly. For example, bamboo is considered to be the fastest-growing plant, able to be harvested within 90 days of planting. Similarly, rattan, water hyacinth, and jute have fast growing cycles — and jute has the added benefit of repelling dust mites, too! When you choose lighting made from these sustainable materials, you can feel good about contributing to the effort to preserve the world’s forests and natural resources.

Besides lessening the environmental impact, opting for lighting and accessories made with natural materials automatically provides visual “warmth” and physical texture that makes any room in your home feel cozy and casual. Stone, seagrass, wicker, sisal, and other materials work well in Coastal themes as well as lakeside cabin looks and Scandinavian minimalist styles.  

The Benefits of Using Natural Materials at Home - LightsOnline Blog

Wellness studies show that being surrounded by nature – or in this case, natural materials in the home – has many positive effects on the mind, from lessening symptoms of depression and lowering stress hormones to calming emotions and rejuvenating our spirit.

Today, there are many new lighting fixtures and home accents that promote this feeling of nature and well-being, whether you live in the heart of an urban city or in the middle of suburbia. LightsOnline has a wide variety of product styles in an assortment of materials to help you achieve a more environmentally friendly home that will help you feel more relaxed in our chaotic world.

Here are some of our favorite items featuring natural materials:


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