5 Practical Ways to Upgrade Your Favorite Room’s Vibe

Every home should feel like a sanctuary from the outside world – a place where you can unwind, decompress and recharge. You should have at least one space that you can dedicate to the pursuit of relaxation, whether that’s your favorite room or the one where you spend the most time.

Boosting the comfort level of your space doesn’t have to be complicated, either! It can be as simple as browsing online lighting stores for soothing lighting options and updating your decor. Here are five strategies to keep in mind.

Upgrade to a More Calming Color Scheme

5 Practical Ways to Upgrade Your Favorite Room’s Vibe - LightsOnline Blog

Your room’s color scheme plays a significant role in how it makes you feel. While there isn’t one exact color scheme that works for everyone, there are some shades that people tend to find more comforting. Consider going with tones known as “warm neutrals”—earth and slate blues, light-to-mid grey shades and soft beiges and browns. With that said, you’re designing this room to be your favorite space, so if you have a specific color in mind, go for it!

Update the Space’s Lighting

5 Practical Ways to Upgrade Your Favorite Room’s Vibe - LightsOnline Blog

The light fixtures in your relaxing space are also super important for creating the perfect environment. You don’t want them to be too bright, but you also don’t want them to be too dim. Look for light fixtures that provide warm, soft and evenly distributed light throughout the room. You can easily check out your favorite online lighting stores to make that happen. Smart bulbs or a dimming switch are also excellent options for ultimate customization. That way, you can tailor the brightness of the light to your current mood or activity.

Add a Ceiling Fan

5 Practical Ways to Upgrade Your Favorite Room’s Vibe - LightsOnline Blog

During hot and cold seasons, keeping the room’s air moving contributes to more comfort in a big way. Ceiling fans are an effective way to circulate the air during summer and winter alike. The key is to look for ceiling fans for sale that are reversible. Running a ceiling fan counterclockwise in hot weather moves the air around the room, helping make it feel more comfortable. Similarly, running a ceiling fan clockwise on a low setting during the winter redistributes the rising warm air and increases your level of comfort as well.

Go for More Natural Decor

5 Practical Ways to Upgrade Your Favorite Room’s Vibe - LightsOnline Blog

The more natural a space’s decor and design theme, the more pleasant and cozy it tends to feel. Focus on reducing metal, plastics, electronics and other devices as much as possible in your relaxation room. This should also include reducing sources of glare or unnecessary noise. Instead, go for more natural decor elements, like houseplants or nature-inspired artwork. Decorative elements to focus on include wood, stones, geodes, natural fabrics and more.

Reflect Your Hobbies and Passion

Finally, you know what you like and what you would like to see in your space. Make your favorite place yours by including art, relics and other decorations that reflect your hobbies, passions and interests. Remember that this space is more than just a physically comfortable and aesthetically pleasing room. It’s your personalized sanctuary of comfort, so create a space you know you’ll love.

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