How to Match the Color Temperature of Your Lights to Each Room in Your Home

Who hasn’t stood in the light bulb section at the hardware or home improvement store and wondered which bulbs to choose? With such a wide and varied selection, it’s not always an easy task. It’s tempting to simply pick any bulb that will fit – but you shouldn’t do that!

It’s easy to overlook details like color temperature when choosing light bulbs for your home, but these details make a difference. Color temperature is one element of every light bulb that defines your entire home lighting experience. A specific color temperature dramatically changes a room’s appearance and functionality. Here’s how.

Light in the Kitchen and Bathrooms

How to Match the Color Temperature of Your Lights to Each Room in Your Home - LightsOnline Blog

The kitchen and the bathroom play specific roles in your home. In the kitchen, for instance, the focus is on food preparation. Sure, the kids might do homework on the breakfast counter and perform science experiments by the sink, but you mainly cook and bake in the kitchen. In the bathroom, this space is generally dedicated to getting ready for the day. You wash, shave, put on makeup and try on outfits.

These rooms are detail-oriented, so you want the right color temperature to literally shine a light on those details. Bulbs in the 5000 to 8000 K (degrees Kelvin) range, usually referred to as daylight color temperature, are ideal. Cool white bulbs, at 4000 to 5000 K, are also an excellent option. You’ll be able to see everything you need to see – and to do important things like tell your navy-blue shirt apart from your black shirt.

Want even more utility in kitchens and baths? Put those cool white bulbs inside chandeliers with fans. These types of fixtures are perfect for circulating the air, which is definitely important in these rooms.

Light in Dining Rooms and Living Spaces

How to Match the Color Temperature of Your Lights to Each Room in Your Home - LightsOnline Blog

Dining and living rooms are more casual spaces, which means they don’t need the same temperature of light as in kitchens and bathrooms. Instead, look for bulbs that complement the atmosphere and light fixtures of the rooms themselves.

If you have dining room chandeliers, you want bulbs that create a more relaxing environment. You can even evoke the look of a candlelit chandelier to give your dining room a unique ambiance. The same can be said for the living room, where warm light makes for a soothing and cozy experience.

To accomplish this, look for bulbs in the 2000 to 4000 K range, ideally around 1800 to 2700 K. This light is warm with a golden glow. It gives any room a more inviting atmosphere and is easier on the eyes while still allowing you to see all the important details.

Light in Bedrooms and Reading Areas

How to Match the Color Temperature of Your Lights to Each Room in Your Home - LightsOnline Blog

Much like dining and living rooms, these spaces are defined by relaxation. Because of this, you want warm light, in the range of 2700 K to 3000 K. These rooms are also ideal candidates for dimmer bulbs and switches to give you more adaptability and control over the atmosphere in the space.

In bedrooms specifically, focus more on warmer light, closer to 2700 K. For reading or home office areas, opt for a higher color temperature like 3000 K. This type of light is less yellow and more neutral, allowing you to read, write and work on the computer more easily.

When you tailor the color temperature of your light bulbs to each room, you’ll find out how much the proper lighting really enhances them!

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