3 Chandelier Designs That Are Simple, Elegant, and Unconventional

When you hear the word “chandelier,” what comes to mind? You might be picturing a draping design, an ornate and breath-taking fixture that’s a whimsical display of metal, crystal and light. However, this is far from the only chandelier design on the market.

The chandelier market is so wide that it features a vast assortment of shapes, sizes, and styles. All of them can take your breath away, much like the classic chandelier design, though they look astonishingly different. Even simple shapes, like cubes and spheres, have become extraordinary works of lighting art.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re looking for unconventional chandeliers for sale that are elegant and sophisticated but stray away from the traditional style, you’re in the right place.

Lighting That’s Anything but Basic

3 Chandelier Designs That Are Simple, Elegant, and Unconventional - LightsOnline Blog

Many of today’s chandelier and pendant designs utilize basic shapes to great effect, creating a beautiful end result. Take the simple shape of a globe, for example.

Some pendants have a simple globe design while others take it up a notch with metallic accents and flourishes. Some globes are made of frosted or white glass while others are completely transparent with ornate designs.

Globe-style pendant lighting works well in the kitchen above counters and breakfast bars, in bathrooms, and in other locations with limited space or where you want to make the best of obstructed views.

Designs for Underutilized Spaces

3 Chandelier Designs That Are Simple, Elegant, and Unconventional - LightsOnline Blog

The area above the dining room table is often underutilized simply because the table itself is a large piece of furniture that serves a specific function while taking up a lot of space. However, when you think about lighting, suddenly the spot above the table becomes a canvas.

It’s all a matter of finding the right way to express yourself and dining room chandeliers are a great way to do just that. As you would expect, dining room chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes, including rectangular cuboids – a shape typically seen in the linear chandelier category.

These chandeliers generally have simple structures featuring one or two rows of lightbulbs, though they can also be adorned with all kinds of flourishes. The linear look is ideal for the common rectangular shape of many dining tables, as well as for kitchen bars and other rectangular or narrow spaces.

Other Unusual Shapes

3 Chandelier Designs That Are Simple, Elegant, and Unconventional - LightsOnline Blog

As straightforward as globes and cuboids seem, chandelier design knows no bounds and some designers have taken the idea of unconventional simplicity to the next logical level with lines. While some linear chandeliers are little more than a basic frame around bulbs—perfect for a modern minimalist look—some chandeliers take the line further.

One example is the multi-tier chandelier. It’s defined by a single line dropping from the ceiling to anchor a series of arms that are perpendicular to the central rod, with bulbs toward the end. It’s angular, minimalistic and looks great in living spaces, dining rooms and entryways.

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