Design Trends: 3 Chandelier Materials to Keep an Eye On

The way you decorate your home reflects who you are. It’s a showcase of your personality. It’s something you enjoy every day and share with guests. So, why not extend your personality to your home’s lighting?

Take the chandelier, for instance. It’s a light fixture that exudes personality. Now, you might think there is no way a chandelier could possibly fit in with your home decor. Well, the chandelier has gone through several makeovers over the years.

The opulent light fixture once reserved for the most formal settings is more accessible than ever and much of that has to do with what they are made from. Chandeliers are far more than metal and crystal now. They’re made from a variety of materials with designs that fit practically anywhere.

Those materials? Here are a few examples that are making a splash.

Exposed Wood Isn’t Just Rustic

Design Trends: 3 Chandelier Materials to Keep an Eye On - LightsOnline Blog

In the past, when exposed wood was used in home decor, it was usually lumped into the category of “rustic.” While many furnishings and light fixtures still fall under the rustic umbrella, the look of exposed wood has been gone in many different design directions. It’s easier to find rustic style lights with clean lines and smooth finishes, or with heavy beams and limited finishing.

If rustic is what you’re after, it won’t take you long to find chandeliers to match. Get dining room chandeliers that match the look of your dining table. Adorn your living room ceiling with chandeliers that pair perfectly with the wood finish of your entertainment center. The list goes on and on!

Add Dimension and Texture with Beads

Design Trends: 3 Chandelier Materials to Keep an Eye On - LightsOnline Blog

Beads? Yes, you heard that right. Beads! Many chandelier makers have introduced beaded looks to their lineup.

Sometimes, the beads are evocative of strands of pearl and takes on the appearance of dangling necklaces, but beads also allow for many creative and colorful possibilities. It’s easy to find chandeliers adorned with glass beads, ceramic beads, wood beads and more.

Chandeliers with beads allow you to bring in added texture, break up monotonous ceilings and add flair to any room. With so many options in this category alone, it’s yet another opportunity to find a piece that reflects your personality.

Don’t Forget About the Materials on the Inside

Design Trends: 3 Chandelier Materials to Keep an Eye On - LightsOnline Blog

In this case, the material is the bulb itself. Chandeliers can use a variety of bulbs, including advanced LEDs, classic standard bulbs and beautiful candelabra bulbs that really set a mood. Even chandeliers with fans use a variety of bulb styles. Some have hidden LED bulbs to create a lovely, diffused light while others proudly display elegant candelabra bulbs.

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