Give Your Bedroom Serious Style with a Chandelier from LightsOnline

Say goodbye to conventional lighting in the bedroom! Chandeliers aren’t just reserved for the more open areas of your home, like the entryway or dining room. Join those who are discovering the benefits of installing chandeliers in more personal spaces, like the primary bedroom and bathroom. It’s a way to add serious style to smaller spaces and flex your home design sensibilities.

From mini chandeliers to chandeliers with fans, LightsOnline offers a variety of chandeliers that are ideal for bedrooms. Here’s what you need to know to get the look you want and create a bedroom oasis that is truly yours.

Consider the Available Space

Give Your Bedroom Serious Style with a Chandelier from LightsOnline

Chandeliers aren’t just for the rooms with the highest ceilings. With such a diversity of designs, chandelier options are nearly endless. When choosing a chandelier for the primary bedroom, it’s a matter of sizing correctly and ensuring it doesn’t dominate the room. You don’t want it to clash with other furnishings or feel like it looms over the bed.

Strike a Balance

Give Your Bedroom Serious Style with a Chandelier from LightsOnline
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If you have a king or queen-size bed, a chandelier with a diameter of 36 inches or less is ideal. However, if a chandelier is too big for your bedroom but you still want that look, then think about pendant lights. LightsOnline offers many pendant fixtures that capture the stunning elegance of larger chandeliers in a more compact size. Browse LightsOnline’s chandeliers for sale to find inspiration and compare the different varieties available.

Coordinate Your Lighting

Give Your Bedroom Serious Style with a Chandelier from LightsOnline

Do you want your chandelier to complement the existing light fixtures in your bedroom? Typically, the ceiling light is not the sole source of light in a bedroom, after all. You may have lamps or wall sconces on either side of the bed, for example.

You can have the fixtures play off one another with similar finishes and styles or choose a coordinated look by perfectly matching the fixtures to one another. Don’t forget about the rest of the house, either. You could pick unique decor for the bedroom or match your fixtures to dining room chandeliers that you chose for larger areas of the house.

From Form to Functionality

Another question is: what kind of functionality do you want? This includes dimmer options as well as comfort control.

Having a dimmer switch adds another easily adjustable layer of performance to your chandelier, letting you control the ambiance. As for comfort control, you have options there, too. For instance, if you had a ceiling fan in your bedroom and you want to replace it with a chandelier, you don’t have to lose the ceiling fan altogether. Instead, consider chandeliers with fans. LightsOnline offers several so you can have your comfort control and elegant style in one package.

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