Top Trends in Bathroom Lighting

Top Trends in Bathroom Lighting - LightsOnline Blog

While bathroom renovation has always been a smart investment to increase resale value, these days there are additional compelling reasons to update your décor. Two themes are popular right now: creating a soothing atmosphere in the master bath, and a whimsical personality in the powder room. The type of vanity lighting that will look best in each environment depends on the visual impact you want to make.

Top Trends in Bathroom Lighting - LightsOnline Blog

Give Me Sanctuary

Creating a place to relax, destress, and revitalize at home is more important than ever. All-white bathrooms are popular because of the perception of cleanliness that dazzling white evokes. Interior designers are giving the look a modern edge by adding matte black accents on shower doors, mirror frames, faucets, shower heads, and of course lighting at the vanity.

If space allows, double sinks are both preferable and convenient in the master bath. Just remember that you will need lighting above – or on the side of – each mirror to provide proper illumination for grooming tasks at each sink.

Top Trends in Bathroom Lighting - Try flanking your mirror with sconces - LightsOnline Blog

Aside from the crisp black-and-white motif, another way to add Zen-like appeal to the master bath is to use natural materials such as marble or wood.

Since marble is a traditional and luxe material, lighting that is classic in style is the best complement. With brushed gold and satin brass holding strong as a top trend in faucets and plumbing, vanity lights and wall sconces in those finishes would complete the design statement. Crystal – another traditional and classic medium – also pairs nicely with marble and adds visual richness.

To underscore an organic vibe, select lighting that features either warm wood or a wood-like finish on the backplate.

As a fresh alternative to the light strip overhead, some interior designers are hanging pendants on each side of the mirror. This placement puts the light closer to the person and illuminates both sides of the face evenly without casting shadows.

Go Seamless

Top Trends in Bathroom Lighting - Industrial style lighting - LightsOnline Blog

If you prefer not to have the master bath or powder room in their own separate style, there are plenty of lighting fixtures available that will blend in seamlessly with the décor you’ve established for the rest of the home. Even popular design trends for your larger living spaces such as Industrial, Midcentury Modern, and Farmhouse have bath lighting equivalents that can carry those themes into the master bath and powder room.  

Add Some Drama

Top Trends in Bathroom Lighting - LightsOnline Blog

When it comes to powder rooms, interior designers are going bold. Unlike the master bath, powder rooms have a different purpose — and since they do not contain showers or tubs, there is minimal steam or dampness that would affect wallpaper and other materials. We do not spend as much time in the powder room nor perform extensive grooming tasks, where bright light would be critical. 

A powder room’s primary purpose is convenience and often serves as the “guest bathroom.” For that reason, designers are now creating powder rooms with whimsically printed or flocked wallpapers and often in darker, more dramatic color schemes. Due to its small space, a powder room is an ideal spot for decorative expression — and with its more modest square footage than a master bath, you can afford to splurge a little on luxe materials for the walls, flooring, cabinets, mirror, or sink that will provide instant glamour.

Appropriate lighting for the powder room will depend on how intricate or decorative the other elements are. If you choose attention-grabbing wallpaper, select lighting in a simple style so that the walls remain the focus. If the walls are in a solid color – even a deep jewel tone – it’s perfectly fine to bring in some visual drama with an interesting sink, uniquely shaped mirror, or lighting fixtures that have character.  

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