Quick Renovation Ideas for the New Year

Quick Renovation Ideas for the New Year - LightsOnline Blog

New year, new you. But what about your home? It, too, could use a refresher. While the word “renovation” can seem daunting, there are several renovations you can do in a weekend (or less) that can have dramatic results in your living space. Whether it’s adding in new Casablanca fans and lighting or updating the hardware in your kitchen, doing any of these quick renovation ideas will leave your home feeling refreshed.

Adding new lighting to a room can change how you see the space. Pictured here is Elan 84146. Quick Renovation Ideas for the New Year - LightsOnline Blog

Add New Lighting

Adding new lighting to a room can change how you see the space. Adding a crystal chandelier or an abstract metal fixture above the kitchen table can improve the look and feel of the room. You can also install industrial ceiling fans with integrated lights, providing airflow as well.

Create an Accent Piece 

Add a new piece of art or a fixture into a room, especially your living room, to create a new accent. For a true accent piece, it should complement or contrast, but not exactly match, the rest of the room.

Update the hardware in your kitchen--it's a quick job that makes a big difference. Quick Renovation Ideas for the New Year - LightsOnline Blog

Update Your Hardware

Take an hour to update the hardware in your kitchen and bathroom. Changing up your drawer knobs and pulls can radically change the look of the room. Whether you go traditional, whimsical, industrial or modern, you are making a statement with your choice. Be sure to check the size of the hardware before you buy to ensure the new hardware will fit properly.

Install Molding

Crown molding transforms a room, changing the outline of the room and providing depth to walls. Molding can go along both the ceiling and baseboard area. Consider creating custom designs on walls and ceilings around fixtures, whether it’s a ceiling fan, light fixture, or mirror.

A New Coat of Paint

One of the more laborious projects on this list, you can refresh a room by giving it a new coat of paint. Switch up the colors or add an accent wall to change the room, creating a new perspective. If the room was a dull color before, paint it with something bright and vibrant. This can take several hours of work because you will likely need to move objects out of the way and prepare the room.

Kitchen backsplash with Hinkley Somerset pendants - Quick Renovation Ideas for the New Year - LightsOnline Blog

Protect Walls with a Backsplash

Adding a backsplash in your kitchen can be a breeze if you use a premade single piece of backsplash, or more time-consuming if you place every tile. Either way, it will completely change the look in your kitchen, adding texture and color. As a bonus, it’s far easier to clean a backsplash than a painted wall, especially when grease or sauce is involved.

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