LightsOnline Brings You 3 Timeless Lighting Styles

Searching for new light fixtures for your home? It might be challenging to find exactly the style you’re looking for when you first start your search. There are so many types of light fixtures on the market today. You scour online lighting stores trying to find the right fixtures to meet your lighting goals, but you’re still not sure what to choose and so you suffer from decision fatigue.

Look no further than LightsOnline, your one-stop shop for all things lighting. They’re ready to narrow down your search with the many timeless lighting styles they offer, helping you make choices and banish that decision fatigue.

Here are three options to consider as you bring new light into your home.

Modern Sophistication in Matte Black

LightsOnline Brings You 3 Timeless Lighting Styles - LightsOnline Blog

It doesn’t get much more timeless than bringing modern design to your light fixtures. When those fixtures are finished in flat or matte black, you’ve reached peak chic timelessness! Modern lighting designs are often subdued in their appearance, but don’t let their subtle design fool you. They’re distinct yet minimal, sleek yet charming, and they work in nearly any space.

If you want a bathroom vanity light that feels sophisticated but doesn’t intrude on the space in the bathroom, a modern-style fixture with a matte black finish is the way to go. It stays true to itself, looks great and gives you functional light when you need it. This holds true for any space in your home, from the kitchen to the bedrooms.

The Rich Look of Dark Wood

LightsOnline Brings You 3 Timeless Lighting Styles - LightsOnline Blog

The natural look of wood fixtures can really bring a space together. This is even more true when the wood has a darker finish because that adds richness and warmth to the space. It’s something that Minka Aire fans have down to a science.

As you browse their collection of ceiling fans on LightsOnline, you’ll quickly understand how dark woods transform a space with timeless elegance. From koa to walnut, Minka Aire offers many ceiling fans defined by rich wood designs. They embrace modern, contemporary and rustic styles, to name a few. The bottom line is that if you want to bring warmth into a space, dark wood fixtures are a timeless way to do it.

Simple Geometry That Redefines Any Space

LightsOnline Brings You 3 Timeless Lighting Styles - LightsOnline Blog

Sometimes the best answer is simplicity. Simple geometry fits perfectly with the idea of timeless light fixtures. Think spheres, cubes and rectangles. In many cases, these shapes are found in modern and midcentury modern categories. This makes sense since modern lighting designs often feature straightforward shapes.

When you want to bring simplicity to a room without losing the allure that comes with a beautiful light fixture, clean lines—straight or curved—are the way to go. Talk about timeless! Explore these and other timeless lighting styles at

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