Why the Right Bathroom Vanity Light Makes a Difference

Are you getting the most out of your bathroom vanity light? Does it give you the light you need to get ready in the morning and wind down for bed at the end of the night? Does it match your style sensibilities or is it just a light?

The bathroom lights in any home are easy to overlook. You turn them on when you come in and turn them off when you leave. Rinse and repeat. But the right bathroom light is more than a simple appliance – it’s something that adds major style points to your home and brings a touch of personality that sets your bathroom apart from all the rest.

Of course, it comes down to defining what right means to you. The perfect bathroom vanity light (or any light fixture in your home, for that matter) is one that brings you joy when it lights up the room. Here’s why installing the right vanity light matters and how to pick one that checks all the boxes for you.

The Perfect Bathroom Vanity Light Meets Your Lighting Expectations

Why the Right Bathroom Vanity Light Makes a Difference - LightsOnline Blog

In the most basic sense, a bathroom vanity light is a utility light that is almost always paired with a mirror. The lights are typically positioned above the mirror, beside the mirror or sometimes in both places.

The idea is to get as much light as possible. You want to see the details of your face and hair so that when you’re washing up, shaving, putting on makeup or applying first aid, you can see exactly what you’re doing. The best vanity light helps you do all this and more.

If your bathroom light falls short in the utility category, that’s a good sign it’s time to upgrade to a light that provides the kind of detail-oriented lighting you need.

Taking a Bathroom Vanity Light from Utility to Personality

Why the Right Bathroom Vanity Light Makes a Difference - LightsOnline Blog

Once you have the utility angle covered, it’s time to think about personality. Have you ever been in a bathroom with only a single row of exposed bulbs above the mirror? Maybe that describes your own bathroom? There’s nothing wrong with a simple row of bulbs, but a bit of your personality is missing.

Why not add a dash of style or a pinch of charm? Explore the bathroom vanity light options on the market today and you’ll find options to match your personal preferences. If you want to give your bathroom an industrial look, you can! If you want simple modern lines, it’s possible! It’s nothing short of remarkable how updating the look of your bathroom lights changes the space and gives it the personal touch you’ve been looking for.

Finding the Ideal Bathroom Vanity Light for Your Space

Why the Right Bathroom Vanity Light Makes a Difference - LightsOnline Blog

What are your bathroom lighting goals for the space? When you decide on your goals, finding the right bathroom vanity light that offers utility and charm AND fits within your budget will be a breeze! Vanity lights range from single lightbulb fixtures to multi-bulb styles. For larger bathrooms and larger mirrors, a multi-bulb design is a must.

If you know how many bulbs you want, it’s time to make your style choices. Many manufacturers offer their vanity lights in several sizes, so if you see a two-light fixture you love but you need a six-light option, that may be available. But, if you can’t find a multi-bulb option that ticks your style box, don’t be afraid to get multiples of a smaller fixture and space them out a bit.

The bottom line is there are countless ways to go about adding style to your bathroom lighting. All you have to do is choose the perfect light for you!

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