Easy Tips for Saving Money at Home

Easy Tips for Saving Money at Home - LightsOnline Blog

When budgets are tight, or you want to start saving more money, it’s time to look around your home and see what you can do to keep your bank account happy. Turning off the AC, reducing water use and growing your own garden are all ways to fill up your piggy bank. These tips can help you save up for a vacation, put a little extra money away for the kids or upgrade your home. Saving money is easy with these helpful ideas!

Turn Off the AC and Use Ceiling Fans

Air conditioning is expensive. It’s effective, but it uses a lot of energy, which translates to a higher energy bill. Instead, turn off the AC and turn on those stylish industrial ceiling fans. While ceiling fans will not cool down a room, they do circulate air. Air moving across your skin makes you feel cooler. Because of this, only run ceiling fans in rooms you are currently in and turn them off when you leave the room. The best part is that ceiling fans use far less energy than AC units. You can also get an Energy Star-rated ceiling fan for even more efficiency. 

Layer Up in Winter

On the opposite end of the thermometer, instead of running the heater constantly, grab sweaters and blankets. These will keep you warm without contributing to your energy bill. While you’re at it, seal your windows to stop warm air escaping and use your ceiling fans in reverse (blades moving clockwise) to circulate warm air.

Low-Flow Water

Use low-flow faucets and showerheads - Easy Tips for Saving Money at Home - LightsOnline Blog

Low-flow faucets and showerheads use less water. You can also use aerators, which add air to the water flow, further decreasing water use. You will likely lose some water pressure, but you’ll save on your water bill in return.

Change Out Lightbulbs

Change out lightbulbs - Easy Tips for Saving Money at Home - LightsOnline Blog

CFL and LED bulbs are far more efficient than old light bulbs. While the up-front cost is a little higher, these bulbs last longer and use less energy. Be sure to choose an Energy Star rated bulb for maximum savings.

Repair It Yourself

Repair it yourself - Easy Tips for Saving Money at Home - LightsOnline Blog

Your Minka Aire fans aren’t going to fix themselves, but don’t call a repairman just yet. See if you can find a YouTube video showing how to fix your sink, replace a part in a ceiling fan or change out the monitor of a laptop. Repairing things around your home yourself saves you the cost of labor or having to buy a whole new item.  

Unplug Electronics

Unplug electronics - Easy Tips for Saving Money at Home - LightsOnline Blog

When electronics are fully charged, unplug them. Your phone and laptop don’t have to be plugged in every night, plus they are still using energy even when fully charged.

Filter Your Own Water

Filter your own water - Easy Tips for Saving Money at Home - LightsOnline Blog

Instead of buying case after case of water bottles, add a filter to your sink or use filtered water from your refrigerator. A reusable water bottle replaces the plastic, saving money and the environment.

Grow Your Own Garden

Grow your own garden - Easy Tips for Saving Money at Home - LightsOnline Blog

Plant your own herbs and vegetables to help reduce your grocery costs. Plus, you won’t have to worry about pesticides or other chemicals. Some herbs can even be grown in windowsill pots if you don’t have any outdoor space.

Insulate Your Water Heater

Insulate your water heater - Easy Tips for Saving Money at Home - LightsOnline Blog

Wrapping your water heater in a special insulating blanket and insulating the pipes coming from the heater can help reduce heat loss. Trapping in more heat means it won’t be wasted in the cold months.

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