9 Tips for Saving Energy at Home

As we head into the warmer months, many people wonder how they can save money on energy bills, especially when it’s easy to leave the air conditioning on and forget that it comes at a price. Instead, turn on your Minka Aire fans and feel the comforting breeze effect of moving air, allowing you to use less air conditioning! Here are 9 more tips for saving energy around your home.

Use Energy Star or Efficient Appliances

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Replace your appliances with Energy Star rated appliances, which will bear the Energy Star label. This is a federal guarantee that the appliance uses less energy during use or on standby than those without the label.

There may be energy guides on some appliances, including ceiling fans, which offer information about airflow, electricity use and airflow efficiency. Low electricity usage and high airflow equal high efficiency and will save you money.

High-quality Quorum windmill ceiling fans, for example, have an airflow of 6,486 cubic feet per minute, use 33.70 watts and have an airflow efficiency of 192 cubic feet per minute per watt, meaning they are very high efficiency.

Upgrade Your Light Bulbs

Upgrade your light bulbs - 9 Tips for Saving Energy at Home - LightsOnline Blog

Incandescent lightbulbs do not efficiently light a room. Instead, use compact fluorescent lightbulbs, better known as CFLs, or LED lightbulbs. Both of these are more efficient, use less electricity and do not have to be replaced as often.

Use Smart Power Strips

Use smart power strips or just turn your power strip off when devices are not in use - 9 Tips for Saving Energy at Home - LightsOnline Blog

Plug appliances and other devices into a smart power strip. Smart power strips reduce or eliminate the “phantom load,” which is the amount of electricity used by electronics while plugged in, even if they are off or in standby mode. You can also use a regular power strip and turn it off when the devices are not in use. Be sure to unplug charging cables and don’t leave your phone plugged in all night.

Turn Down the Water Heat

Turn down the temperature on your water heater - 9 Tips for Saving Energy at Home - LightsOnline Blog

Save energy by turning down the temperature on your water heater. Turn it down to 120 degrees and less energy is required to heat the water.

Weatherize and Insulate Your Home

Weatherize and insulate your home - 9 Tips for Saving Energy at Home - LightsOnline Blog

Air can escape through gaps, vents, windows, doors and poorly insulated walls. By sealing and thoroughly insulating your home, the air cannot escape as easily. Insulate your walls, attic, floors, crawlspace and basement.

Air Dry the Dishes and Laundry

Air dry your dishes and laundry - 9 Tips for Saving Energy at Home - LightsOnline Blog

Instead of using excess energy by running a laundry dryer or the drying cycle on your dishwasher, let dishes and laundry air dry.

Use a Smart Thermostat

Use a smart thermostat - 9 Tips for Saving Energy at Home - LightsOnline Blog

A smart thermostat will help you save money by allowing you to schedule different temperatures to specific times, such as when you are asleep or at work.

Turn Off the AC

Use a ceiling fan instead of the A/C - 9 Tips for Saving Energy at Home - LightsOnline Blog

Instead of using air conditioning, turn on a ceiling fan. Note that ceiling fans do not cool down rooms. Instead, the air moving across your skin makes you feel cooler, which is often enough to make a room comfortable. Because of this, you will want to turn off ceiling fans in rooms you are not using.

Replace Filters

Replace your air filters regularly - 9 Tips for Saving Energy at Home - LightsOnline Blog

Replace your HVAC filters every three months. Not replacing means air needs to be forced through clogged filters, making your system work harder and use more energy.

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