5 Creative Chandelier Ideas from LightsOnline

You no longer need to reserve chandeliers solely for the dining room. In fact, you can extend the elegance of a chandelier throughout your home with beautiful lighting fixtures from LightsOnline. They can help you elevate the ambiance of any room with their exceptional selection of chandeliers. To give you a sampling of the endless possibilities, here are five creative chandelier ideas.

5 Creative Chandelier Ideas from LightsOnline - LightsOnline Blog

In the Bathroom

Any room is worthy of a luxurious lighting fixture—bathrooms included. If you’re already interested in browsing through dining room chandeliers for your home, you may want to find one for your bathroom too. A chic crystal chandelier such as the Crystorama Maria Theresa mini chandelier can offer a dazzlingly reflective effect when hung in the middle of the room or over a detached bathtub. You can furnish your master bath with a chandelier and get a feeling of opulence without straying from your home decor budget.

5 Creative Chandelier Ideas from LightsOnline - LightsOnline Blog

In the Family Room 

The family room is a surprisingly lovely space to hang a chandelier in place of a ceiling fan with lights. If your family room has an open layout, it may already be a cozy and relaxing space, so a chandelier like the Crystorama Traditional could create an elegant atmosphere that is still comfortable and inviting!

In Your Home Gym

Want to take a walk on the wild side? Try hanging a chandelier in your home gym or workout space. Since you’re going to be working up a sweat, you may want to look for chandeliers with fans. These “fandeliers” can help provide a more comfortable space in your exercise room because they help circulate the air. Alternatively, you could consider a more decorative fandelier in a meditation space for yoga workouts. Either way, a fandelier is the perfect way to create an attractive conversation piece in your gym.

5 Creative Chandelier Ideas from LightsOnline - LightsOnline Blog

In the Mudroom

When it comes to decorating, mudrooms and laundry rooms are two oft-neglected spaces. However, a gorgeous chandelier can help transform what was once an overlooked room into a charming space. In a mudroom or laundry room with a clean, monochrome aesthetic, a crystal chandelier like this pretty Savoy House mini chandelier could add just enough elegance to make a simple space unexpectedly glamorous.

5 Creative Chandelier Ideas from LightsOnline - LightsOnline Blog

In the Guest Space 

Whether it’s a full-sized pool house or a guest bedroom, you can enhance your home’s extra space with a beautiful chandelier. LightsOnline offers incredible chandeliers for sale to accommodate any room and help make your guests feel comfortable and welcome. After all, the lighting in a room can set the tone for any visit and a well-placed chandelier makes for an excellent topic of conversation.

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