How to Light a Guest Room or Guest House

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Lighting a guest house or guest room can be a tricky proposition. You aren’t the one staying in the home, but you have to decide on the lights. How do other people light their houses? What appeals to the widest selection of people? Whether it’s a chandelier, Minka Aire fans with lights, accent lighting or outdoor lighting, here are some tips to help you light your guest areas.

How to Light a Guest Room or Guest House - LightsOnline Blog

Layers of Light

Generally, for any given room, you want to layer lights. Chandeliers or ceiling fans create broad lighting, such as with dining room chandeliers. Accent lighting helps spotlight art around the room and can also be used to create a glow that lights the edges of the room. This creates a cozier feel to the room, which is perfect for guests. There are several different methods for adding accents and layering lighting, from direct lighting to diffused lighting in strategic locations around the room. More layers can come from recessed lighting, which should be on a dimmer so your guests can light the space to their own preferences.

How to Light a Guest Room or Guest House - LightsOnline Blog

Consider Your Aesthetic

The trick is to fit your lighting with an aesthetic, whether you are going cohesive or looking for a statement fixture that pops. If you have metallic style, choose an industrial theme for your lighting, but make one fixture a different finish. If you have a rustic farmhouse aesthetic for your guests, continue it throughout the room or even the home. If there is an elegant chandelier in the foyer or entrance hall, then guests will likely expect a certain level of elegance throughout the home. Always consider your aesthetic before choosing a light fixture.

How to Light a Guest Room or Guest House - LightsOnline Blog

Smart Light Fixtures

Consider adding smart fixtures that can be controlled by voice. An easy way to do this is to use smart plugs for lights that plug into the wall. You won’t need to give your guests access to the apps that control the smart lighting, but they won’t have to fumble around in an unfamiliar home trying to find the right light switch for the lamps when they come in from a dinner out.

How to Light a Guest Room or Guest House - LightsOnline Blog

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is critical for a guest house. Whether it’s the porch or the backyard, having bright lighting in the proper place is essential. You can also add a ceiling fan in a covered patio, like windmill ceiling fans that make an impression. Make sure your ceiling fan is rated for outdoor use! This helps guests stay comfortable while enjoying time outside. 

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