3 Lighting Styles That Create a More Open Home

An open home is a comfortable home – a home that doesn’t get too warm or too chilly, that feels more connected and airier, that lets a cool breeze pass from one side to the other. But there’s more to openness than meets the eye.

Your home decor also plays a role in creating a more open home, and this includes your lighting choices. Even if your home lacks an open floor plan, light fixtures go a long way in redefining the space from room to room. If you want to create a more open home, here are a few tips that are simple yet transformative.

Lighter Fixtures to Brighten Things Up

3 Lighting Styles That Create a More Open Home - LightsOnline Blog

Lighter light fixtures? Yes, you read that right! In this case, “lighter” is referring to the finish of the fixture. While dark finishes, like black metals or dark woods, add a lot of charm and warmth to a room, they tend to feel bigger or heavier. They catch the eye more easily and draw more attention.

Lighter-colored fixtures made with white or brushed metals or light wood finishes, on the other hand, open things up. Coastal style is a great example of this and one brand that really nails the coastal look is Savoy House Lighting. Their designers are well-versed in a wide variety of styles and trends! They offer many fixtures with light metal and wood finishes to help promote openness.

It doesn’t take much to feel like you’re living on the coast and enjoying a beach breeze, even if you live thousands of miles from the ocean.

A Closer Look at More Open Designs

3 Lighting Styles That Create a More Open Home - LightsOnline Blog

Lighter-colored metals and woods help promote openness, but the finish alone isn’t the only factor! How these materials are used matters, too.

For instance, a white or brushed nickel pendant light has the potential to be breezy, but if it has a large solid metal shade, it can be obstructing. To create an open look, you want fixtures with airy designs that forgo opaque bulb coverings and opt for clear glass—or no glass at all!

Midcentury modern light fixtures excel at this. This style is full of designs that offer brushed and polished metals with completely clear glass coverings. They’re bright and open and effortlessly capture that breezy feeling.

The Ultimate Fixtures for an Open Feeling

3 Lighting Styles That Create a More Open Home - LightsOnline Blog

Many different styles of light fixture contribute to an open feeling: coastal, midcentury modern and schoolhouse are just a few. But one fixture that captures this decor style like no other is the ceiling fan!

When you’re circulating air, you truly do create a breeze. Of course, like with light fixtures, the style of ceiling fan makes a difference too. Check out Minka Aire fans and you’ll see how much of a difference style and finish truly make.

A ceiling fan with an open style and light-hued finish gives you a unified design theme on multiple levels. You get a fixture that allows your home to feel airier while also literally being airier. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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