This is Why You Should Install a Ceiling Fan Outside

You may already have a ceiling fan or two in your home. You use them to circulate air and add comfort in the rooms where they’re installed. But have you ever thought about installing a ceiling fan outside? If you have a covered porch, patio, deck or another outdoor space where you want more comfort, then you already have the perfect spot for a new ceiling fan.

Many ceiling fans for sale today are made for outdoor use. An outdoor ceiling fan works just like its indoor counterpart by moving air around, but outdoor fans are made especially for use outside. You can install a ceiling fan in any spot with a ceiling or overhang where you can safely run wiring (if there’s not already wiring in place).

Here are three reasons why it makes sense to install a ceiling fan outdoors.

An Alternative to Traditional Light Fixtures

This is Why You Should Install a Ceiling Fan Outside - Lights Online Blog

Traditional lighting is great. From ceiling lights to pendant lights, there are a lot of lighting options for every space around your home. Of course, if you’re looking for added features, you can’t go wrong with ceiling fans as an alternative to conventional light fixtures. Many ceiling fans come with lighting built right in.

Minka Aire fans are a great example. This is one collection that offers a lot of variety! You can find a style that matches your existing outdoor lighting with the added benefit of air circulation. When you need lighting, it’s there. When you need comfort control, it’s there. Control them both independently or simultaneously. Having that versatility is a benefit that shouldn’t be ignored.

A Way to Add Comfort

This is Why You Should Install a Ceiling Fan Outside - LightsOnline Blog

Air circulation is another benefit that you’re sure to appreciate. Having the option to move air around is one way to boost comfort in practically any outdoor space. Depending on the space, it’s not uncommon for air to feel stuffy or stagnant. When that happens, your porch or patio may feel uninviting. No one wants to spend time on a stuffy porch!

Once the air starts moving, it’s a different story entirely. Ceiling fans circulate the air in a gentle way that enhances your outdoor experience. They do their job so well that you get the opportunity to comfortably enjoy the fresh air and warmth of the outdoors. They push stuffy air out and pull fresh air in, and they do it quietly without interrupting your relaxation time.

Keep the Bugs at Bay

Comfort control isn’t limited to air circulation. It also includes other outdoor variable—namely, little flying insects. Another benefit of outdoor ceiling fans is helping keep the bugs at bay, to a certain degree. Many small insects (particularly flying insects) can’t hang around in your vicinity when the air is moving. It becomes hard for them to fly around and navigate.

As the ceiling fan circulates the air, flying insects have trouble staying in any one spot for very long. While installing a ceiling fan is by no means a guarantee that bugs won’t find their way into your communal spaces, you may notice a difference, especially if you live in an area where insects hinder your ability to enjoy the great outdoors.

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