5 Areas in Your Home Where You May Enjoy a Breeze

You spend a lot of time in your home, so it makes sense that you want to create a comfortable environment. Yet there are times when space alone can’t do enough to keep everyone at ease, and a room can start to feel stuffy or stagnant. Luckily, you can enhance the environment by using ceiling fans and chandeliers with fans to help circulate the air in the room. If you’re trying to decide where to hang a ceiling fan, here are 5 excellent places to start.

5 Areas in Your Home Where You May Enjoy a Breeze - LightsOnline Blog

Living Room: Where You Spend Time with the Family

A living room is usually an open space where people can gather with their family and guests. Some homes have smaller living rooms that are designed to be cozy and intimate spaces, but those can also begin to feel crowded and unventilated. Even large living rooms can feel stuffy from time to time, especially if you’re spending a lot of time there. That makes living rooms the perfect place for a statement ceiling fan that will help everyone feel more comfortable in the space.

5 Areas in Your Home Where You May Enjoy a Breeze - LightsOnline Blog

Kitchen: Where the Heat Is On

Sometimes kitchens get natural light from windows and sliding glass doors. These windows and doors can be put to good use when the kitchen starts to get warm from using the oven or stove. Open the kitchen windows and those sliding glass doors (if they have a screen!) to allow a natural breeze to blow through the room. Your kitchen may also benefit from a ceiling fan near the stove or chandeliers with fans above an island to help the air flow through the space.

5 Areas in Your Home Where You May Enjoy a Breeze - LightsOnline Blog

Bathroom: Where You Just Need to Move the Air

When you want to move the air around in the bathroom, chandeliers with fans are a functional piece of home decor. You can find beautiful chandeliers with fans that work to move the air and help your bathroom feel fresh.

5 Areas in Your Home Where You May Enjoy a Breeze - LightsOnline Blog

Office: Where It Starts to Feel Stuffy

If you’re spending time in the office, it usually means you’re working hard on a project or buckling down on an assignment. Whether you’ve locked yourself in, or you like having personal space to think, an office or a study is no place to feel stuffy or trapped. You can breathe a little easier if there is a ceiling fan in your office space that works to help the environment feel breezier.

5 Areas in Your Home Where You May Enjoy a Breeze - LightsOnline Blog

Backyard Patio: Where You Spend Warm Summer Days

When the weather is pleasant, many families love to spend time on the backyard patio. Maybe you have a barbeque or pleasant sitting area to while away the hours. As the sun starts to shine and the temperature climbs, a breeze becomes a welcome addition to the environment. You can use powerful Minka Aire fans and other large ceiling fans for covered patios to make outdoor environments more comfortable.

Making the spaces inside (and outside) of your home more comfortable can be easy. Sometimes, all you need is a ceiling fan to circulate the air and help you feel at ease in the environment. While the areas listed above are excellent locations for ceiling fans or chandeliers with fans, you can get creative with your home decor and uncover other spaces where you would welcome a breeze.

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