How to Showcase Sputnik Style Fixtures From LightsOnline

As you search for lights to create atmosphere throughout the home, LightsOnline can provide you with distinctive lighting styles that will set your home apart. As a vendor of high-quality lighting fixtures, LightsOnline has collections of exciting lighting fixtures to create opulent, interesting and pleasant settings. If you’re looking for a true statement piece, set your sights on the Midcentury Modern Sputnik lighting trend.

What Is Sputnik Style?

Unless you follow all the lighting trends, you may not be familiar with Sputnik lighting fixtures. However, you might recognize the interesting design from its namesake satellite that was launched into space in the 1950s. The lighting fixtures modeled after Sputnik 1 have an extraterrestrial quality that is sure to capture your attention, as well as your imagination, and give your home a Midcentury Modern Look.

LightsOnline Sputnik Chandeliers

How to Showcase Sputnik Style Fixtures From LightsOnline - LightsOnline Blog

LightsOnline offers a collection of stunning Sputnik style pieces. You can find fixtures like the Savoy House Galea 24-Light Chandelier (shown above in polished nickel finish) among their dining room chandeliers. LightsOnline also makes it easy for you to search by style under the category Sputnik Style Lighting. The collection has fixtures with beautiful, branching embellishments and faceted crystals as well as opaque or transparent bulbs in designs that prompt thoughts of fireworks, stars or comets.

Chandeliers Vs. Pendants

How to Showcase Sputnik Style Fixtures From LightsOnline - LightsOnline Blog

Depending on the style and size of the room where you want to hang a Sputnik light, you may have to choose between a chandelier or a pendant. Pendant lights are an exciting way to multiply the effect of your lights with smaller bursts—you might even call them starbursts. Selecting a larger Sputnik style chandelier from LightsOnline’s chandeliers for sale lets you find a statement piece that will draw the eye, like the Trade Winds Astro 12-Light 11” Chandelier in Oil Rubbed Bronze (shown here).

Where to Feature Sputnik Style Fixtures

How to Showcase Sputnik Style Fixtures From LightsOnline - LightsOnline Blog

The gorgeous Sputnik fixtures look exceptional in dining rooms, but depending on the fixture, you may be able to hang these chandeliers in bathrooms too. Some chandeliers like the Hudson Valley Dunkirk 10-Light Chandelier (shown above in aged brass) can be placed in covered outdoor areas as well. Different from the popular chandeliers with fans—which LightsOnline also offers—these Sputnik fixtures can redefine the atmosphere of a living space for a Midcentury Modern look that you can’t get anywhere else.

Sputnik lights give you a way to make your home more attractive with fascinating light fixtures. A lighting fixture with this aesthetic is sure to get everyone’s attention, and you may not ever get tired of seeing how these fixtures play with the rest of your home decor. While Sputnik lights may seem like a trend, the curated fixtures can be a timeless addition to your home.

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