Why Updating Light Bulbs Is Important

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Don’t have the budget to update your lighting fixtures? No problem. You can give any room a visual lift – plus save on energy bills – by upgrading your light bulbs.

If you have visible light bulbs on your chandeliers, pendants, or sconces, you can improve and refresh the aesthetics of your lighting fixtures by switching to more decorative light bulbs.

Why Updating Light Bulbs Is Important - LightsOnline Blog

For example, vintage-style bulbs are extremely popular with interior designers for creating a funky, nostalgic touch in homes as well as hip cafes and trendy bars — and some of these retro-style light bulbs are large enough to be swapped out for your existing pendants. Best of all, there are energy-saving LED versions as well as incandescent versions in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Why Updating Light Bulbs Is Important - LightsOnline Blog

Want to give your chandeliers and wall sconces a more elegant look? Try one of the new candelabra bulbs with fanciful tips that mimic a candle flame for a decorative flourish. For maximum versatility, choose dimmable bulbs and add a wall dimmer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of moods you can create just by dimming and brightening the light level.

Why Updating Light Bulbs Is Important - LightsOnline Blog

Consider LED versions of your existing light bulbs to not only to save energy (which you will), but also for easy maintenance. LED light bulbs will stay lit literally for years and are especially helpful in places that are hard to get to when an incandescent bulb burns out, such as foyer chandeliers, lights on high ceilings, and those that are outdoors. There are LED bulbs that resemble incandescent versions for applications where the bulbs are visible, as well as LED bulbs that are meant to be hidden behind opaque glass or fabric shades. 

Before replacing any light bulb, it’s critical to read the label on the socket that lists the maximum wattage. It’s dangerous to “overlamp” the socket – for example, putting a 100-watt bulb in a socket rated for 60 watts – because it can cause an electrical fire. Make sure the wattage on the new light bulb is less than the highest number recommended on the socket and you will enjoy your lighting update for a long time.

Now that you know all about the benefits of updating light bulbs, it’s time to go for it! Shop our selection of light bulbs now and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you need any advice or assistance.

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