Lighting Trends for 2023: Floral Lighting

Allergies aside, who doesn’t experience a lift in their mood when they see flowers? Floral patterns have been popular since the 18th century, but they came to the forefront as a motif in home design during the Victorian era. Since then, they’ve evolved with the times, from dainty blooms on popular chintz patterns to larger, more romantic flowers and abstract, contemporary, and modern interpretations.

One reason florals endure in home design is because they are familiar in a comforting way — we see them all around us in nature, we plant colorful gardens outside, and create fragrant bouquets for indoors. We admire natural beauty and the sight of flowers makes us smile and instantly evokes emotion.

Lighting Trends for 2023: Floral Lighting - LightsOnline Blog

Elements of nature contribute a calming effect. Even before the pandemic hit, our lives were over-scheduled and fast-paced. Home décor featuring flowers and other organic looks serves as a soothing counterbalance to tumultuous times. The years 2020 and 2021 had travel restrictions and limitations on indoor gatherings. As such, we spent a lot of time sprucing up our backyards and outdoor living spaces.

A recent survey conducted by researchers at the University of California, Davis, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR), found people turned to gardening during the pandemic to relieve stress. More than half of the survey respondents said they felt isolated, anxious, and depressed during the early days of the pandemic. They also had more time to garden, and they saw the activity as a safe haven and a way to connect socially with others about their hobby.

“Not only did gardeners describe a sense of control and security that came from [growing food], but they also expressed heightened experiences of joy, beauty, and freedom in garden spaces,” the report revealed.

Lighting Trends for 2023: Floral Lighting - LightsOnline Blog

Independent of the pandemic, the strong global focus on sustainability and saving the earth’s resources has made organic themes such as flowers, foliage, trees, and forests top-of-mind in home décor. There is a lot of variety on the market — from bright floral images or patterns that can add a pop of color in neutral décor to a subtle suggestion of organic beauty, such as flowers crafted in clear glass as accents on chandeliers and sconces, or lighting fixture frames that mimic the sculptural beauty of a lotus flower.

Floral motifs – whether playful and whimsical, bold and vibrant, softly romantic, or classically inspired – are timeless in their appeal and can help you convey a particular feeling for any room. You will find an assortment of floral lighting, wall art, accessories, and furnishings to make your own design statement at

Lighting Trends for 2023: Floral Lighting - LightsOnline Blog
Photo credit: Ashley Rose

Check out some of our favorite floral lighting looks:

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Mitzi Alyssa ceiling light

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Crystorama Broche wall sconce

Meridian wall sconce

Mitzi Alexa wall sconce

Savoy House Poppy bath light

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