Lighting Trends for 2023: Coastal Grandma (at any age!)

You may have heard the term “Coastal Grandma” and wondered whether it applied to you. Believe it or not, there’s no minimum (or maximum) age to be a “coastal grandma” —but, just what is a coastal grandma?

This curious term has its roots in Hollywood films, namely popular rom-coms starring Diane Keaton or Meryl Streep. Their characters in these movies are financially comfortable mature women who live by the beach and have a relaxed, natural style – crisp linen blouses and pants, cozy sweaters knit with luxe yarns, and large straw hats. Similarly, their seaside homes feature sumptuous shades of white, beige and sand, wicker chairs with plump linen pillows, soft rounded couches, textured knit throws, natural sisal rugs, and driftwood sculptures.

Coastal Grandma at Any Age - LightsOnline Blog

Coastal Grandma has all of the main elements of the traditional Coastal look, but without any obvious themes of lighthouses, seahorses, anchors, nautical stripes, or ocean prints. And just as Coastal can be believably achieved in landlocked environments, so too can Coastal Grandma.

Coastal Grandma takes the colors of “coastal” – beiges and sand tones, sky and water blues, driftwood grays, and crisp whites – and translates them into spaces that are unadorned, unfussy, subtly luxurious, and look tempting to sink into and be surrounded by. It has a simplicity that conveys richness and comfort.

Coastal Grandma at Any Age - LightsOnline Blog

There are not a lot of highly polished surfaces in this style. You won’t see sharp chrome table legs, mirror frames, or overly shiny lighting fixtures. Instead, there is a whitewashed, lovingly low-key appearance to furniture pieces, accessories, lighting, and artwork. The entire palette of the room is akin to soothing beach tones at dawn or dusk instead of noontime bright.

When it comes to lighting, choose pendants, lamps, and chandeliers made with natural materials – rattan, linen, jute, burlap, bamboo, wood, and natural shell – and understated finishes, such as brushed nickel and antique brass. Just like Coastal Grandma’s clothing, these looks are unadorned and effortless in their beauty. Their simplicity and quality evoke quiet, approachable luxury.

Coastal Grandma at Any Age - LightsOnline Blog

And while the term “Coastal Grandma” may be new, the universally appealing look has a timelessness that will be relevant for many years to come. has a broad assortment of lighting fixtures, lamps, and accessories that suit the Coastal Grandma aesthetic at affordable price points. Here are just a few of our Coastal Grandma favorites:

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