How LightsOnline Helps You Create the Perfect Reading Nook

With the autumn months right around the corner, many people are dreaming of pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters and chunky knit blankets. Of course, this image of snuggling with sips and sweaters isn’t complete without a good book. As the temperatures drop and leaves start to change, the reading nook will be getting more attention.

The reading nook is that place in your home where you sit back and relax with a good book, a good drink and good lighting. That good lighting is what truly brings the reading nook together. Too much light is distracting, but too little light means you can’t see a thing. LightsOnline knows how important it is to get your lighting just right, for reading and everything else. Here’s how one of the leading online lighting stores helps you create the perfect reading nook.

Just the Right Amount of Light

How LightsOnline Helps You Create the Perfect Reading Nook - LightsOnline Blog

Finding the “right” amount of light for a reading nook is all about striking a balance. Between floor lamps, table lamps and wall fixtures, choice is the biggest challenge. Of course, LightsOnline offers a wide selection of all these lights! It’s a matter of choosing what speaks to you – and looking for fixtures that feature dimmer control.

Dimmable lights are a reader’s best friend. Whether you need to brighten things up at night or tone them down during the day, dimmers give you the control you need.

Cozy Styles for the Cozy Aesthetic

How LightsOnline Helps You Create the Perfect Reading Nook - LightsOnline Blog

Reading under a golden glow is cozy, but that’s just part of the bigger picture. LightsOnline offers fixtures that fit the word cozy to a tee, including designs by Savoy House Lighting. Savoy House is known for its diverse selection of fixtures, including adjustable wall lamps that allow you to angle your lamp just how you want it and change it up whenever you want. They also come in many cozy looks and finishes that bring any reading nook together.

The Most Comfortable of Corners

A crucial part of any reading nook is comfort. After all, the nook is a place where you want to lounge with a good read for hours on end. Part of creating a comfy nook is comfort control and the best way to get that is with a ceiling fan!

A ceiling fan helps circulate air and create a more comfortable atmosphere. Having a ceiling fan is a delight as temperatures drop and you turn off the air conditioner. Browse the collection of Minka Aire fans and find all kinds of inspirational styles that, together with the perfect wall lamp, create your ideal reading nook.

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