3 Lighting Mistakes LightsOnline Helps You Avoid

When you step into the world of light fixtures and ceiling fans, it’s like stepping into a world of wonder. There are so many different styles and designs to explore, and you’re sure to have questions – questions like “How can I best light my home?”

LightsOnline is your online lighting expert, and they’re here to answer your questions and help you avoid common lighting mistakes. Of course, the first step in averting those mistakes is to know what a few of those mistakes are.

Here are three examples of mistakes people make while installing new fixtures and how you can avoid them.

Imbalanced Lighting

You know it when you see it – imbalanced lighting, such as shadows, dark spots and poor lighting. All too often, imbalanced lighting is caused by not having enough light fixtures or having fixtures that are too small for the space.

You often see imbalanced lighting in bathrooms because it’s not uncommon for bathrooms to rely too heavily on vanity lights as the sole light source. A bathroom vanity light is essential, but it works best when paired with other forms of lighting. These include ceiling lights or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, a chandelier! Picture it: a chandelier gleaming above the bathtub as you kick back and relax in its glory. Doesn’t that sound great?

Incorrect Sizing

Never again do you have to worry about buying the wrong-sized fixture for your home. Whether you’re browsing LightsOnline’s ceiling fans for sale or any of their light fixtures, every product page offers a full breakdown of dimensions so you get all the measurements before you hit “Add to Cart.” Compare these numbers to the size of your available space to determine if the light or fan is a fit. (You’ll be putting your tape measure to work, that’s for sure!)

However, if you do buy a fixture and it doesn’t work in the space like you thought it would, all you have to do is reach out to LightsOnline’s customer service team and they’ll help you return it. It’s all part of their Hassle-Free Return Policy.

Not Using Special Features  

A common mistake people make when buying lights is not using convenient lighting features, such as dimmers. Being able to dim or brighten lights on a whim is a huge deal because it’s a great way to add instant ambiance in any room. As you search LightsOnline’s catalog, you’ll find plenty of lights that can be used with dimmers.

Savoy House Lighting is a great example. Not only do many of their fixtures feature dimmer capabilities, but there are also a ton of styles and designs to choose from. In other words, you get exactly what you want for your home – no compromises!

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