Where Wall Color, Lighting Styles, and Ceiling Fixtures Come Together

Using your design skills to create a space that is both unique and beautiful is an exciting challenge. You may be eager to find furniture for the room, but there is another matter you need to take care of first. Find the lighting styles and ceiling fixtures that will enhance the space and balance the color of the room’s walls. The right lighting and décor trends will complement the wall colors in your living spaces and dining rooms to create beautiful designs in your home.

A Blue Finish

Where Wall Color, Lighting Styles, and Ceiling Fixtures Come Together - LightsOnline Blog

As a style that has recently gained popularity in lighting circles, blue finishes bring a fresh feeling and sense of individuality to a space. Lighting fixtures with blue finishes work well alongside more subdued wall colors, including Palladian Blue, light grey, eggshell and other off-white shades. If you want to get more out of the box with your design, fixtures with a blue finish also complement golden tones, like Dorset Gold.

French Country

Where Wall Color, Lighting Styles, and Ceiling Fixtures Come Together - LightsOnline Blog

Lighting fixtures and other decorative pieces in French Country styles maintain a balance between rustic and refined. While some pieces are intentionally weathered, many lighting fixtures and ceiling fans with French Country flair have a clean, white color, like the Minka Aire Classica 54” Ceiling Fan in Provencal Blanc. The many white and off-white chandeliers and Minka Aire fans make French Country styles a beautiful counterpart to walls in shades of red, green or clay. You might not want to pair French Country fixtures with white walls because the pieces may blend into the background.

Modern Farmhouse

Where Wall Color, Lighting Styles, and Ceiling Fixtures Come Together - LightsOnline Blog

Modern Farmhouse fixtures like the Trade Winds Oakwood 4-Light Chandelier in Aged Iron and Wood look best with clean colors on the wall. Keep your eyes open for chandeliers for sale that combine the sleekness of metal, textured wood and glass. These chandeliers pair well with cream and dark grey-colored walls. To ensure that rooms featuring Modern Farmhouse fixtures do not appear too dark, use this design combination in spaces with plenty of natural light or rooms that are equalized by  light-colored and vintage-looking wallpaper beside the dark walls.

Midcentury Modern 

Where Wall Color, Lighting Styles, and Ceiling Fixtures Come Together - LightsOnline Blog

Midcentury Modern lighting fixtures are excellent in rooms designed for entertaining guests. Midcentury Modern dining room chandeliers have a unique and clean look that pairs well with taupe wall colors to create a relaxing environment. This is also the perfect style to use in a room with a dark-colored ceiling and wall sconces, combing Midcentury Modern with an Industrial undertone. Instead of a chandelier, you could hang a ceiling fan like the Minka Aire Cirque LED 54” Indoor Ceiling Fan in Polished Nickel to help the room feel clean and comfortable.  

When you’re using these styles in your home, the colors and fixtures need to work together. To convey a particular feeling, whether it is welcoming, clean, or sophisticated, the paint on the walls and lighting or ceiling fixtures in the room need to be complementary. If done thoughtfully, the lighting fixtures and walls will help you build a space to spend your time with friends and family for many years.

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