What Is a LightsOnline Fandelier?

If you’re in search of a straightforward way to create a comfortable home environment, LightsOnline can help. Among their various collections of chandeliers for sale, LightsOnline offers a selection of lighting fixtures called fandeliers.

Fandeliers combine a ceiling fan with a chandelier to create a beautiful, functional fixture sure to brighten up your space. You may be wondering whether this purveyor of high-quality lights is trying to start the latest trend, but the truth is, you’ve jumped into a LightsOnline trend that’s already in full swing.

First and Foremost: A Fandelier Is a Lighting Fixture

What is a Fandelier? - LightsOnline Blog

LightsOnline has lighting fixtures that illuminate and enhance the spaces in your home, and a fandelier is a perfect way to do just that. You can find fandeliers at LightsOnline in many shapes and sizes, include pendant light and mini chandelier varieties. Just like other chandeliers, lamps and ceiling fans, you can find fandeliers that fit the decor in your home. You can find clean-looking styles like the Savoy House Wetherby 26 inch Fandelier in Satin Nickel and industrial styles like the Maxim Lighting Candella 6-Light Fandelier in Chestnut Bronze.

Secondly: A Fandelier Is Functional

What is a Fandelier? - LightsOnline Blog

Fandeliers are a practical light fixture to have in your home because they have more than one purpose and include something other chandeliers do not—a fan. Yes, this hybrid light fixture is decorative, but a fandelier’s lights are just as powerful as any other in your home. With options for both lighting and a refreshing breeze when necessary, you can expect to use your fandelier as often as you’d like.

Finally: Fandeliers are Chandeliers with Fans

What is a Fandelier? - LightsOnline Blog

Fandeliers are ceiling fan chandeliers or chandeliers with fans. They’re beautiful, functional and help your space feel more comfortable by circulating the air. LightsOnline offers a whole collection of stunning fandeliers in different styles and finishes to seamlessly match your home decor style. In their collection, you will find Savoy House fandeliers, Kichler fandeliers, Maxim Lighting fandeliers and more.

Where Should You Hang a Fandelier?

What is a Fandelier? - LightsOnline Blog

The best way to experience a fandelier’s full effect is to hang it in smaller spaces where you need airflow as well as a bright, beautiful light fixture. A few options could be a mudroom, a bathroom, a smaller bedroom or your kitchen. That being said, you can hang some of the larger, more striking fandeliers in dining rooms and living rooms to develop a pleasant, elegant atmosphere.

Fandeliers from LightsOnline are an excellent way to enhance the natural airflow in your home. They light up a room and help create a comfortable space for you and your family because all fixtures from LightsOnline are designed to help you love your home that much more. When you shop with LightsOnline for fandeliers, dining room chandeliers, wall sconces and ceiling fans, you can get helpful support for all your lighting needs. LightsOnline is dedicated to helping you feel comfortable from the moment you select a light fixture, and you will be once you find the perfect fandelier in your home.

Create a comfortable space with a functional fandelier from www.lightsonline.com

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