Update Your Entrance for Fall

Nothing says, “Come on in, we’ve been expecting you!” like a well-lit, welcoming entryway.

Fall decorating starts in September with simple harvest-themed wreaths on the front door. By October, seasonal décor becomes more elaborate as Halloween approaches. Besides the playful addition of bundled cornstalks, bales of hay or skeletons and ghosts, there is a critical element to keep in mind that is far more important: good lighting for safety.

After the autumnal equinox in late September, it gets noticeably darker earlier in the evenings. Whether you are expecting trick-or-treaters on Halloween or relatives arriving for Thanksgiving and other holiday gatherings, providing proper illumination at the front door and the path leading up to it is essential.

Update your entrance for fall - LightsOnline Blog

If the main areas of the front steps, porch, and path are not illuminated well, shadows can cause visitors to stumble or fall. Research shows that regardless of age, falls happen outdoors far more often than indoors. Reduce that risk by providing adequate lighting to navigate from the driveway or curb to the front door at night.

If you haven’t changed your outdoor lighting fixtures and/or path lights since you moved in (and that includes if your home is brand new) it’s a good time to upgrade. Builders keep to a tight budget when selecting lighting and often assume homeowners will change out the lights sooner rather than later. If your home has had previous owners, chances are that their decorating taste isn’t the same as yours.

The fall months leading up to the holidays are the perfect time to upgrade your lighting! There are new finishes, materials, and light sources on the market now that can last longer against natural elements while offering a fresh look. Look for materials like StoneStrong from Generation Lighting, Coastal Armour from Quoizel, Vivex from Maxim and Endure-All from Savoy House to find really sturdy, durable outdoor lights.

Update your entrance for fall - LightsOnline Blog

Once you feel like your entrance has enough illumination for safety, take the time to really look at the front of your home from the street in daylight. Make sure it has a clean, updated appearance to go with your new lighting. That means it’s time to trim those uneven shrubs, give the flower beds a seasonal refresh and fill in any chipped surfaces. 

Since the holiday season is a particularly popular time of year to have guests visit and packages delivered, make sure your address is clearly visible during the day and at night. One fail-safe method is to use an illuminated address sign. These decorative plates mount flush to the wall near the front door and are available in a variety of styles. Most address signs use LED lighting, which means it will be years before you need to think about replacing the light.

You will find a wide assortment of outdoor lanterns, sconces, pendants, address signs, landscape and path lights at LightsOnline.com! Plus, you’ll get free shipping on all orders over $49 and we have great customer service to help you light the home you love.

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