Top Trends in Baths for 2020

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The famous TV commercial – “Calgon, take me away!” – still holds up decades later. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans have been feeling more stressed than in the years before. Yoga studios and the use of meditation apps were already on the rise; then came the nationwide stay-at-home orders this spring. As many soon discovered, the desire to relax and get away from it all was hindered by being quarantined with family enclosed by the same four walls. No wonder bathroom renovation tops every household’s To Do list!

Here’s a closer look at the 2020 bath trends. 

Splendor in the Bath

Master bathroom lighting - Bath Trends 2020 - LightsOnline Blog

Master baths have long been increasingly outfitted with spa-like amenities such as jetted soaking tubs, spacious showers with body sprays, heated towel racks, and radiant flooring. Now, however, updating the surrounding décor is vital in establishing a truly relaxing and rejuvenating setting. Fortunately, there are plenty of refreshing choices available to elevate your bath — and selecting the perfect lighting is easier than ever.

Glamour and luxury were the descriptions heard most often at this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, the annual showcase for all that is new in these important rooms. If master baths weren’t being shown in tone-on-tone whites and creams for a sanitized spa look, they were showcased with dark-colored walls (deep gray, navy, and black) for visual drama. In both settings, faucets and lighting fixtures had either brushed or polished gold and brass finishes that set an opulent look.  

Brass and black bathroom lighting - Bath Trends for 2020 - LightsOnline Blog

When it comes to creating dramatic impact in the bath, it’s hard to beat the combination of matte black paired with warm, polished gold or brass. For the past several years, black finishes have been plentiful on stand-alone tubs, on faucets and plumbing fittings, as well as sinks. In many cases, accents of warm gold or brass break up the expanse of black and add an elegant touch. The black finish trend will remain popular for some time yet, especially since midcentury modern lighting fixtures and furniture are among the most-requested styles in home décor today.

The most popular material in countertops and walls is also one of the most classic – marble – but with the modern twist of selecting slabs featuring dramatic veining and random patterns to underscore uniqueness. Contemporary, Transitional, and even Traditional lighting fixtures all do a wonderful job of complementing the luxurious look of marble when the finish is in a warm gold or brass tone.  

Don’t Overlook These Applications

Bathroom lighting with ambient light  - 2020 bath trends - LightsOnline Blog

One of the most beneficial upgrades you can have in your shower is also one of the simplest: a shower light. Available in round and square shapes plus a choice of several finishes and styles, adding a shower light is one of those amenities you don’t appreciate until you experience it — then you won’t want to be without one.

Another often-overlooked upgrade that is well worth the investment is the ambient lighting fixture. You don’t have to settle for the basic ceiling light that the builder put in. Your new master bath – or even a powder room – will feel even more luxurious with the addition of a decorative lighting fixture or chandelier. You will be pleasantly surprised by the many beautiful choices available that will instantly increase the cachet of your renovated bath.

When assessing lighting fixtures for the master bath, the most important term to look for is “damp-rated.” This designation certifies that the fixture can be used safely in moist environments, such as a steam-filled bathroom. If you are renovating a powder room, the damp rating is not necessary.  

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Lighted bathroom mirror - Bath trends for 2020 - LightsOnline Blog

While it is very typical to have a set of 2, 3, 4, or 5 lights fastened to a bracket over a mirror, there are other options. When light grazes both sides of your face, grooming tasks are more precise due to the lack of shadows.

Placing vertical sconces on both sides of the mirror is one method for preventing shadows, but there’s another new way. Thanks to LED technology, which allows a powerful amount of light to fit inside a small space, there are “floating” mirrors available now. With these, LED light surrounds the square or round mirror frame from the back, providing even, all-over illumination with no shadows. Many of these floating mirrors are dimmable, which allows you to use full brightness when shaving or putting on makeup, dim down to a soft glow for nightlight illumination, or set the brightness to any comfort level you prefer.   

Clutter-Free Is Calming

Floating vanity with bath lighting - Bath trends 2020 - LightsOnline Blog

While there is a wonderful assortment of vanity cabinets with plentiful storage, there is a design trend for a spare aesthetic. Pedestal sinks, vanities with open shelving for rolled up towels or essential amenities, and “floating vanities” (cabinets that do not extend fully to the floor) are gaining popularity among those seeking to create an at-home spa vibe. Very often this look is Contemporary in style, with natural wood as the preferred vanity material and other organic touches. The best lighting, faucets, and plumbing fittings to complement this look are streamlined in appearance with clean, simple lines.  

Smart Features for Health & Hygiene

Before the pandemic encouraged us to wash our hands continually and practice contact-less behavior whenever possible, smart devices were already being introduced into bathroom fixtures such as showerheads, mirrors, and toilets.

This year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show took place before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and its “smart” voice-controlled product introductions were presented as modern-day luxuries rather than hygiene helpers.

This year, major plumbing manufacturers debuted products that operated via voice control to select water temperature, control water pressure, or turn on a specific radio station with an integrated speaker. Similarly, other manufacturers introduced faucets that utilized sensor technology for touch-free operation. At the time these products were developed, convenience was the primary benefit. Now, in our post-pandemic world, these benefits are helpful to limit human contact on surfaces. 

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