Simple Ideas for Refreshing the Guest Bedroom & Bath

Are your guest rooms ready to welcome friends and family this holiday season? Maybe the answer is no, and that’s OK.

Fortunately, giving a quick update to your guest bedrooms and baths is easy and affordable. Here are some ideas.

For the Guest Bedroom

Simple Ideas for Refreshing the Guest Bedroom & Bath - LightsOnline Blog

Since the guest room is typically not very large, it’s easy to refresh!

For a more spacious look, ditch bulky furniture pieces and opt for a more streamlined silhouette, like a narrow shelf or slim table with just enough room to fit modern-day necessities like a USB charger. Installing single pendants or wall sconces on either side of the bed will save space and eliminate the visual heft of large bedside table lamps. (Bonus: Some pendants and sconces can be plugged in to a wall outlet.)

Don’t forget the overhead light! Most guest bedrooms have a plain ceiling light that’s easy to overlook. You can upgrade that to a ceiling light with a more decorative style or install a ceiling fan with a light kit. If you’d like to create a more elegant guest environment, consider a fanciful chandelier or an oversized pendant as the main light source.

Simple Ideas for Refreshing the Guest Bedroom & Bath - LightsOnline Blog

Along with new lighting, a fresh new paint color will create a big impact. If that’s not possible, consider one of the many temporary wallpapers (also called “peel and stick”) available in vivid colors, cool patterns and subtle motifs. These adhesive versions can be applied immediately – and removed easily, too.

Level up the guest experience by upgrading the bedding, whether that’s with a new comforter, a new duvet, fresh new bed linens or plush new pillows. Guarantee great sleep with blackout curtains and a choice of pillow options. Bring in a pleasant scent with room sprays, a reed diffuser or potpourri.

Remember, it’s all about making your guests feel comfortable!

For the Guest Bathroom

Simple Ideas for Refreshing the Guest Bedroom & Bath - LightsOnline Blog

When it comes to upgrading the guest bathroom, you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets to make a more enjoyable experience for house guests. Just like in the guest bedroom, there are plenty of easy updates that will instantly elevate the look.

Start by refreshing your bath lighting. In many homes, bathroom lighting consists of a simple overhead lighting fixture and a bath vanity light over the mirror. There are many options for upgrading both of them!

Recently interior designers have been installing two wall sconces, one on each side of the mirror, instead of one vanity strip overhead. The double sconce aesthetic is a step up in sophistication and the unexpected, making it an ideal choice for fashion-forward homeowners.

However, if you’re not able to rewire your bathroom to accommodate two wall sconces, bath vanity lights are available in a wide variety of stylish options!

Simple Ideas for Refreshing the Guest Bedroom & Bath - LightsOnline Blog

Changing out your bath lighting may expose unpainted areas that were hidden by the previous fixture’s backplate. Like with the guest bedroom, a fresh paint color or wallpaper in the bath also makes an impact. Also like in the guest bedroom, incorporating touches such as fluffy towels, a subtle scent and luxury shower products will enhance the guest bath experience. has a comprehensive assortment of lighting fixtures, styles and configurations to make your guest bedroom and guest bathroom a real treat for visitors to your home.

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