Pro Tips for Achieving a Rustic Elegance

Not that long ago, the term “rustic” described homes with a Western ranch, mountain lodge, or lakeside cabin vibe. Rough-hewn tables and chairs, a wood-burning stove, and plenty of Buffalo plaid blankets were hallmarks of this style, but times have changed.

Today, “rustic” is incorporated into many different settings – including coastal and modern farmhouse – and can help temper the clean, sharp lines of more contemporary looks. While today’s rustic elements continue to offer a plain, unadorned beauty, there is also a more elegant or polished appearance with less of the quaintness of quintessential country. 

Some of the rustic touches featured in design magazines and home improvement shows include pipe shelving, reclaimed wood beams, stone replacing the typical brick fireplace surround, farmhouse and apron sinks, antiqued mirrors, and distressed wood tables and accents. The touchstones of classic rustic décor – deer and steer skull wall mounts, cowhide and sheepskin rugs, for example – remain popular, but today’s modern interpretations can include faux versions in gold, silver, and mirrored finishes for a more updated look.      

Pro Tips for Achieving a Rustic Elegance - LightsOnline Blog

Vintage-style plumbing fixtures add another layer of a “salvaged” or “found” aesthetic, bringing rustic elegance to a space without looking shabby or worn. Similarly, many of the popular industrial lighting styles dovetail nicely with the “refined rustic” theme, along with organic fabrics such as burlap, linen, and cotton plus accent rugs containing natural materials such as jute, leather, hide, hemp, and sisal.

When it comes to an overall color palette for Refined Rustic décor, think neutral — not drab. Interior designers recommend earth tones in beige, sand, brown, and green. These colors underscore the beauty of the surrounding natural environment outside the home, blending the interior with the exterior for a cozy feel.

Furniture in this relaxed setting focuses on comfort. Sofas, armchairs, and loveseats are generously proportioned with ample cushioning and plush pillows. If the interior color scheme features a lot of brown wood tones – as a cabin interior would – you will need a lot of light to make the space look and feel larger. Floor lamps, wall sconces, table lamps, and chandeliers all play an important part in enhancing the room’s ambiance cosmetically as well as functionally — especially after sunset, when natural light is no longer available.  

Pro Tips for Achieving a Rustic Elegance - LightsOnline Blog

Coastal environments can enjoy the rustic trend by incorporating natural accents such as repurposed shells, coral, and driftwood. As the palette for seaside décor is often bright white, accents in finishes of sunbleached wood, faded gray, and putty work best for subtle contrast.

When it comes to achieving rustic elegance in your home, LightsOnline has a full assortment of lighting and home accents to help you achieve just the right look!

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