Kitchen Chandeliers: 3 Great Styles

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. It’s where families and friends come together, where meals and memories are made. From simple sandwiches to superb spreads, the kitchen sees a lot of use! Despite being such an integral part of the home, it’s often overlooked when it comes to certain finishing touches, like the lighting fixtures.

Many home builders and homeowners focus on the utility of the kitchen, so you’ll commonly find canister lighting or recessed lighting, but that’s about it. While utility lighting in the kitchen is essential, you can (and should!) also incorporate more sophisticated lights, like chandeliers.

The chandelier serves as a companion to the main lighting in a kitchen. It brings the room together in a way that recessed lighting cannot. It adds character and charm, completing the look of the space.

The question is, what kind of chandelier works best in the kitchen? Here are three types of kitchen chandeliers that bring ample lighting, are unobtrusive, and tie the room together.  

Linear Chandeliers Illuminate Counter Space

Kitchen Chandeliers: 3 Great Styles - LightsOnline Blog

Linear chandeliers are designed to be long, narrow and unobtrusive. If you have a kitchen island or a breakfast bar with no cabinets above it, you have the perfect space for a linear chandelier. Use linear chandelier lighting to add an exquisite finish to your charcuterie spread or enjoy the atmosphere it creates as you fix dinner for the family.

Linear chandeliers in the kitchen also make perfect companions to dining room chandeliers, allowing you to complete your theme from one room to the next.

Chandeliers with Fans Add Comfort to the Kitchen

Kitchen Chandeliers: 3 Great Styles - LightsOnline Blog

Chandeliers with built-in fans are an innovation perfect for any kitchen. They come in numerous styles to complement the look of your kitchen, plus they’re practical, too. When you’re cooking, baking and constantly moving from one counter to the next, the kitchen can become stuffy and uncomfortable.

Chandeliers with fans solve this problem. They provide refined lighting and air circulation in one, giving you more control over your kitchen comfort.

Mini Chandeliers and Pendants for Any Space

Kitchen Chandeliers: 3 Great Styles - LightsOnline Blog

The kitchen is a dynamic room. With countertops, cabinets, and appliances, space is often at a premium, especially when it comes to lighting. That’s why you don’t usually see chandeliers in a kitchen. There simply isn’t the right amount of space.

That all changes with mini chandeliers and pendant fixtures. Mini chandeliers are, as the name suggests, smaller versions of their full-sized counterparts. They’re available in all the same great styles as their larger-size equivalents. Pendant lights also serve a similar function in limited space—and look exceptional over an island or breakfast bar, too.

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