Embrace Room Theming with Dining Room Chandeliers and More

Looking for new ways to give your home’s lighting a little extra character? Try room theming! Room theming, or whole home theming, is a great way to get creative with your home’s decor. At the same time, it gives the rooms within your home even more charm and definition.

What is room theming? It’s defined by decorating a room based on a specific style or motif. When you’re room theming, you can be as subtle or as grandiose as you want! Maybe you want a breezy, coastal look for the kitchen with nickel or silver accents to the light fixtures and cabinet hardware. Or maybe you prefer rich Victorian elegance in the dining room, complete with ornate dining room chandeliers.

Regardless of how you theme a room, one of the best ways to define a room’s motif is with the light fixtures. Here are a few examples to help you find inspiration as you bring renewed character to your home.

Old World Charm Meets New World Design

Embrace Room Theming with Dining Room Chandeliers and More - LightsOnline Blog

Want to evoke the magic of old-world castles, manors and inns? Look for light fixtures made with heavier metals, wood and chains. These fixtures are designed to have an archaic look while still using modern design sensibilities to give rooms a grand, warm glow.

If you’re imagining a chandelier that’s too big and imposing for your spaces, think again! You can use these fixtures as dining room chandeliers in just about any home, even ones without vaulted ceilings or an excess of space. It’s easy to find something appropriate for any room where you want old-world rustic elegance.

Rock the Classic Schoolhouse Look

Embrace Room Theming with Dining Room Chandeliers and More - LightsOnline Blog

Straight out of the early 20th century, the schoolhouse look is inspired by vintage design and materials. You’ll find lights with bold, simple colors and unassuming designs. Schoolhouse fixtures often have a mushroom-like sculpted look with glass globes that are typically fully transparent or made of white opal glass.

This look is perfect for anyone who wants to bring a touch of classic charm to a room. It lets you recapture the iconic look of a 1920s schoolroom right in your dining room! Compared to other design trends, such as rustic or modern, schoolhouse is more understated and subtle. It’s great for when you want a touch of elegance without it becoming the center of attention.

Go Coastal with Dining Room Chandeliers

Embrace Room Theming with Dining Room Chandeliers and More - LightsOnline Blog

Who doesn’t love the sea? There’s nothing quite like relaxing on the beach with a hint of salt in the air and the call of gulls in the distance. Breezy, bright and nostalgic, coastal decor style features a lot of silvers and whites.

With coastal style, you can find light fixtures evocative of old steamships that used to cross the Atlantic in the early 1900s or fixtures that look like they were taken from an old lighthouse somewhere in New England.

Coastal style is diverse, but it always brings you back to the sea. Imagine dining room chandeliers that recall the lights on tugboats or pendant lights that remind you of collecting seashells. If you want to create a dining room with seaside style, coastal decor is a great place to start.

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