Company’s Coming! Is Your Backyard Lighting Ready?

Do you know why everyone looks great sitting around a campfire or a candlelit dinner? The warm glow that flatters every skintone is the result of great lighting in the proper color temperature. Sound too complicated to accomplish at home? It’s actually quite simple — and the results will be worth it.

Creating a similar relaxing environment for your backyard, front porch, patio, or poolside entertainment area isn’t difficult. All you need are a few tips and some easy-to-find lighting products. Here’s how to find the best backyard lighting.

To recreate a fireside glow, look at the product description for the “color temperature.” That information is often on the box in the store or in the specification details online; the light quality might also be described as “warm white” (from 2000K to 3000K) or “cool white” (3100K to 4500K). The lower the number, the “warmer” (yellow-orange) the light appears. For example, a candle flame is 1800K. The higher the number, the “cooler” the light looks (blue-white).        

Company’s Coming! Is Your Backyard Lighting Ready? - LightsOnline Blog

Another effective strategy you can borrow from cozy restaurants is the use of accent lighting close to where people are gathered. Thanks to advances in technology, there are many decorative solar- and battery-powered accent lights on the market so you are not restricted by access to electrical outlets.

A cluster of small lights – or one or two larger lanterns – on the dining table becomes a functional and attractive centerpiece. Placing warm, low-level light at various heights within the entertaining area (i.e. on the floor/ground or accent lamps on a nearby table or adjacent wall) instills a sense of subtle, visual appeal that’s easy on the eyes yet provides enough illumination for everyone to navigate the space safely.

Company’s Coming! Is Your Backyard Lighting Ready? - LightsOnline Blog

If you like the nostalgic look of European cafes and outdoor festivals, there are many styles of string lights available, from round white globes to clear filament-style Retro looks. The flexible cords allow you to drape the lights overhead or wrap them around pillars, poles, or wood decking. When selecting string lights, make certain they are labeled for outdoor use and be sure to check the color temperature to achieve the look you want.  

If you have gardens around the patio, plants on the deck or in the yard around a firepit, you can highlight them with landscape lighting fixtures. Illuminating shrubs, trees, and architectural elements creates visual interest and makes your outdoor space seem larger by creating focal points that convey depth.

Company’s Coming! Is Your Backyard Lighting Ready? - LightsOnline Blog

As outdoor kitchens have risen in popularity, it’s important to have good illumination at the BBQ station so that your backyard chef can easily see whether the food is cooked thoroughly. In addition, many outdoor living spaces now include cocktail bars for convenient and easy entertaining. Good lighting is helpful in the bar area when mixing drinks and employing colored accent lighting through tape light is a fun way to add a festive, nightclub vibe.  

And if your outdoor living space has a roof or solid covering, your lighting options are greatly expanded thanks to constant innovation in the lighting industry. There are incredibly decorative chandeliers, pendants, and ceiling fans that are made especially for outdoor covered areas (look for “damp area listed” or “damp rated” in the product description). 

Company’s Coming! Is Your Backyard Lighting Ready? - LightsOnline Blog

No matter what size or type of outdoor space you have, LightsOnline has a variety of fixtures that will enrich your casual entertainment area easily and affordably, giving you the best backyard lighting.

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  2. […] Company’s Coming! Is Your Backyard Lighting Ready? […]

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