Best Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining

Summer is finally here — and that means a greater emphasis on casual entertaining outdoors since the weather is warmer and dusk lasts longer. Creating a relaxing environment that encourages guests to linger requires good lighting, and fortunately there are a lot of affordable lighting products on the market that will greatly enhance the overall ambiance of your outdoor living spaces, making outdoor entertaining even better. 

Best Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining - LightsOnline Blog

To recreate the romantic look of European cafes, try simple string lights overhead. The globe shape will provide a more ample and softer light than the smaller “fairy lights” that are also available. The amount of illumination is enough to see people clearly without shadows and to see the dining table without glare. When shopping for string lights, make sure they are labeled for outdoor use; for the most flattering light, choose “warm white” instead of the typical “cool white” versions often sold at home centers and mass merchants.

Best Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining - LightsOnline Blog

Placing portable lanterns at various heights – on the floor or ground, on a dining or side table, or along a wall – around the seating areas is another way to create a soft, warm ambiance for casual conversations or relaxing over drinks. In addition to electrified outdoor table lamps and floor lamps, there are solar-powered lanterns available as well as battery-operated ones equipped with speakers for playing music to enhance the atmosphere in settings where there isn’t a convenient electrical outlet.

If you have gardens around the patio, plants on the deck, or in the yard around a firepit, you can highlight them with landscape lighting fixtures. This method will provide soft lighting effects that can make each entertainment area seem larger by creating additional focal points.

The swanky appeal of vintage bar carts or retro stand-alone bars for outdoor dining is a trend that is still very much in vogue. An accent lamp on the bar cart, or on one (or both) sides of the bar top, will create a functional and glamorous touch.

LightsOnline has a variety of lighting products that will enrich your outdoor entertaining spaces easily and affordably!

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