A Walk Through a Designer Home

Want to get an inside look at what’s hot in the world of lighting and home decor? Want to take a peek inside someone else’s house to see how they’ve decorated? (We’ve all done it on real estate sites, no judgments here.) Follow us as we take a walk through a beautiful designer home, get a close-up look at what makes it so beautiful and learn how to get these looks in your home too.

A Warm Welcome - A Walk Through a Designer Home - LightsOnline Blog

A Warm Welcome

Create a great first impression with an eye-catching light in your foyer or entryway. The large, lantern style look of this black-and-brass pendant will wow your guests. Note how it’s framed so that it can be seen through the window, too.

DESIGNER TIP: Your foyer light’s size should be equal to the sum of the width and length of the room. 

Trendy Blue & Brass Kitchen - A Walk Through a Designer Home - LightsOnline Blog

Trendy Blue & Brass Kitchen

With the on-trend classic blue kitchen island, the blue pendants and midcentury modern chandelier look perfectly at home. The brass accents mirror the cabinet hardware to pull the entire room together.

DESIGNER TIP: You don’t need a midcentury modern home to enjoy midcentury modern lighting.

Uncluttered Master Bathroom - A Walk Through a Designer Home - LightsOnline Blog

Uncluttered Master Bathroom

Bathrooms are the perfect place to incorporate shiplap into your home. We love the use of these brushed nickel and acrylic sconces to light the mirrors and accent the clean, open space.

DESIGNER TIP: For longer bathroom counters, use a two light sconce between the two mirrors.

Comfy Side Porch - A Walk Through a Designer Home - LightsOnline Blog

Comfy Side Porch

This cozy side porch is the ideal place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or watch the sunset. The vineyard-inspired ceiling fan keeps air moving through the corners of the space for ultimate comfort.

DESIGNER TIP: Place fans directly above chairs so air circles around you, not on top of you.

Stylish Mudroom - A Walk Through a Designer Home - LightsOnline Blog

Stylish Mudroom

Most families enter the home through a hardworking mudroom like this one. Bringing light to the coat rack station is a stylish way to add fun to functional.

DESIGNER TIP: Gang lights up in odd numbers for a big style impact.

The BNB Inspired Guest Room - A Walk Through a Designer Home - LightsOnline Blog

The BNB Inspired Guest Room

Guests will love staying in this BNB inspired room. With an undressed window and a romantic chandelier, this room is as bright as it is cozy.

DESIGNER TIP: To maximize style, choose a chandelier instead of a fan.

Chic Home Office - A Walk Through a Designer Home - LightsOnline Blog

Chic Home Office

Working from home has never looked so stylish! A chandelier in a dark classic bronze finish anchors the scene and creates a home office where you’ll actually want to spend time.

DESIGNER TIP: Put your lights on dimmers so you can adjust the lighting level on the fly.

Cool Hallway Lights - A Walk Through a Designer Home - LightsOnline Blog

Cool Hallway Lights

Your ceiling mount lights don’t have to be boring! Why not swap them out for something with a little more style? That way, every time you use the hallway, you can look up and smile instead of cringe.

DESIGNER TIP: Changing out ceiling lights makes a big style impact, even in the smallest spaces.

Get Adjusted - A Walk Through a Designer Home - LightsOnline Blog

Get Adjusted

Get your lighting under control with adjustable wall sconces. Move the light to exactly where you need it every time you use it–it’s that simple! Adjustable wall sconces can be used in every room, from kitchens to bathrooms and everywhere in between.

DESIGNER TIP: Can’t wire up a new light? Look for plug-in wall lights instead!

Ready to bring these designer home ideas to your own home? Shop now!

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