4 Lighting Fixtures to Complement Your Ceiling Fan

4 Lighting Fixtures to Complement Your Ceiling Fan - LightsOnline Blog

The ceiling fans in your home can help create a comfortable environment for you, your family and your guests. However, a ceiling fan may not provide your living spaces with light. For that, you need to consider additional lighting.

Lighting fixtures illuminate the rooms in your home and draw attention to the details that deserve everyone’s notice. To help your living spaces look appealing and balanced, try changing up the lighting in your home so that it complements your ceiling fans. Here are four lighting tips to try anywhere in your residence.

Warmly Lit Wall Sconces

4 Lighting Fixtures to Complement Your Ceiling Fan - LightsOnline Blog

A wall sconce can be used in a variety of home settings. Their size allows them to be placed in areas where a lamp wouldn’t fit, either physically or aesthetically. A warm yellow light in a wall sconce creates a cozy environment, one that’s enhanced by the comfort of a quietly turning ceiling fan in the center of the room. A wall sconce can also serve as a minimalist feature in a room, providing light and highlighting particular pieces of art or home decor.

Boosting Industrial Style

4 Lighting Fixtures to Complement Your Ceiling Fan - LightsOnline Blog

Lights with a chic, industrial style attract your attention—and may even become their own admirable works of art. When combined with a ceiling fan, you have the comforting properties of a fan coupled with the visual appeal of the lighting fixture itself. If you are in the market for an industrial ceiling fan to match the industrial lighting pieces you already own, consider Minka Aire fans, which are simple, artistic and can be paired with a variety of similarly styled lighting fixtures.

Multiple Pendant Pieces

4 Lighting Fixtures to Complement Your Ceiling Fan - LightsOnline Blog

In a room with a ceiling fan, you can illuminate the surfaces of your furniture with a series of pendant lights. Adjusting the drop rods of a pendant to hang them lower or higher gives you better control over the distribution of light in a room. If you have a console table near your living room’s entryway, try illuminating it with pendants. Using additional pendants elsewhere in the room creates a balanced space, especially when used along with a ceiling fan centered overhead.

Functional Fandeliers 

4 Lighting Fixtures to Complement Your Ceiling Fan - LightsOnline Blog

When you want to give a living room or bedroom a fresh look that doesn’t compromise comfort for style, consider choosing a ceiling fan with a light. Chandeliers with fans are an attractive way to create a sense of space in your home. These “fandeliers” offer a ceiling fan’s soothing benefits with the style and functionality of a chandelier. You can find fandeliers in various styles to complement your decor.

Whether you include additional lighting fixtures in your living spaces—or switch out your ceiling fan for an appealing fandelier—you can bring balanced lighting into every room of your home.

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