3 Unusual Spaces That Are Great for Chandeliers

Can chandeliers go in any room in the house? It’s a big question. At first thought, you might think there are rooms where chandeliers wouldn’t make any sense, like the laundry room, a walk-in closet or the bathroom. But depending on the size, layout and overall look of these rooms—or any room in the house—chandeliers can work.

Chandeliers have a reputation for elegance and sophistication, but don’t be swayed by the preconceived notion that they’re all huge lighting installations draped in crystal. They’re also so much more! It’s all about finding the right inspiration. With so many styles and designs on the market today, it’s so easy to find a chandelier to give your favorite rooms an extra spark of personality.

The Kitchen

3 Unusual Spaces That Are Great for Chandeliers - LightsOnline Blog

Kitchens are a great place to bring in a chandelier. Do you have a kitchen island with odd or unused space above it? Add a chandelier! It adds serious character and lots of style to the room. If you have dining room chandeliers nearby, look for a kitchen chandelier that has a similar style or finish but isn’t totally matchy-matchy. This works really well if you have an open plan space.

The Bathroom

3 Unusual Spaces That Are Great for Chandeliers - LightsOnline Blog

Who doesn’t want to add a little extra character to the bathroom? Because it’s typically a smaller room, it can be difficult to add the charm or character you have in mind. On top of that, it’s tempting to shy away from more elaborate lighting designs. You may worry that a chandelier will take up too much space or look imposing. But don’t forget that chandeliers come in many shapes and sizes! You can definitely find one that works with your space, big or small. You can also shop chandeliers for sale to find budget-friendly options.

The Patio

3 Unusual Spaces That Are Great for Chandeliers - LightsOnline Blog

You might not have much space to work with, but with the right chandelier, you can create a beautiful environment on your patio. If your patio is already wired, installing a chandelier is a breeze! But if the patio is not yet wired, you will need to add support and power. It’s definitely a project, but it’s an excellent way to spruce up your outdoor space!

Also, make sure that you choose the correct chandelier for your patio. Damp area rated lights can only be used in covered outdoor spaces. Wet area rated lights are durable enough to be directly exposed to the rain.  

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