3 Types of Chandeliers Perfect for Any Home

Chandeliers make great additions to just about any home. They’re a source of light and beauty that bring a unique touch to any room. Because there are so many different chandelier styles to choose from, many people find it difficult to pick out the right one. However, if your decor fits a particular theme, it’s easy to find a chandelier that goes with it!

As you search for chandeliers for sale, here are three styles to put at the top of your list. You’ll be able to find something for your home that looks amazing and brings your design vision to life.

Modern: A Sleek Look with Clean Lines

3 Types of Chandeliers Perfect for Any Home - LightsOnline Blog
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Modern chandeliers are generally defined by clean lines and simple elements. That’s why they look so good in nearly any space. Modern is one of the most versatile styles on the market and, thanks to its staying power, it won’t go out of style any time soon.

One kind of chandelier that’s perfect for modern style is the linear chandelier. Modern linear chandeliers are often presented as a single row of lights suspended in a rectangular or box-like frame. Though they’re commonly available in simple shapes, they’re also available with complex designs that make a statement.

Linear chandeliers are ideal for above dining tables, kitchen islands, breakfast bars and in hallways. In fact, thanks to their narrower design, they’re practically tailor-made for hallways—a part of the home that tends to be neglected when it comes to serious lighting options.

Rustic: An Embrace of Natural Charm

3 Types of Chandeliers Perfect for Any Home - LightsOnline Blog

Rustic might not be the first design style in your mind when you think about chandeliers, but maybe it should be! Rustic is defined by heavier lines, natural finishes and exposed materials, like wood and metal.

Rustic chandeliers work in many different spaces because they’re relatively easy to match with existing decor and paint schemes. Though they may have a stronger look, they are unobtrusive and have a natural charm that doesn’t necessarily feel overly dominant in a room.

A rustic chandelier made with exposed wood and metal looks right at home in many popular design trends, such as modern farmhouse, warm minimalism and boho.

Sputnik: A Burst of Character

3 Types of Chandeliers Perfect for Any Home - LightsOnline Blog

Named after one of the first manmade satellites to orbit Earth in the 1950s, Sputnik-style chandeliers make a bold statement. This style is usually classified under the midcentury modern umbrella, but it is worthy of a spotlight all its own.

As you may expect, Sputnik chandeliers take design cues from old satellite design, with a prominent starburst or antenna appearance. Some are designed to accommodate dozens of bulbs while others hold just a few.

Because they have such a unique and distinct look, they work exceptionally well in many different spaces. Use them as dining room chandeliers and enhance every meal or hang them in the living room as a centerpiece for entertaining.

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