What is Decorative Lighting?

What is Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is the fourth layer of interior illumination and, simply put, it is like jewelry for the home: it helps your space sparkle and shine. Accessorize your house and bring out its best features by adding decorative lighting fixtures.

Examples of decorative lighting

Note that sometimes, decorative fixtures can also serve other purposes, like task or accent lighting. That just makes decorative fixtures even more versatile.

Sconces: Available in a nearly endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors, styles, finishes and prices, wall sconces are great for adding a little sparkle to small areas of a room. Sometimes, they’re used instead of a vanity bar in the bathroom. With sconces, there’s no limit to what you can light or how the lighting will look.

Pendants: What if sconces had stems and could hang from the ceiling? That’s the basic idea behind pendants, which can be used for task lighting but are often crafted with decorative flair. Mini pendants are especially good for decorative use since they come in many styles, from ultra-modern to natural, crystal to retro and everything in between.

Chandeliers: Though these are often used as ambient lighting, chandeliers are generally pretty decorative as well. A cascade of crystals flowing from the ceiling is, after all, practically the definition of home jewelry. Smaller varieties of chandeliers, known as mini chandeliers or chandelettes, are also available to bring glitz to any size room. Chandeliers aren’t just for grand entryways or dining rooms anymore!

Layer your lighting by adding ambientaccent and task fixtures.

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